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Higher Education Guide 2021: Tio best small university of applied sciences

Tio leads the way, for the 10th consecutive year

Tio University of Applied Sciences is proclaimed as the best small university of applied sciences in the Netherlands by the Higher Education Guide 2021. The Higher Education Guide, which was published today, provides independent advice and reviews and compares the quality of more than 1,100 bachelor programmes. Of all universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Tio has achieved the highest score and all four of Tio’s reviewed bachelor programmes are number one. Making Tio the proud provider of the best ranked programmes in the Netherlands for ten years in a row.

Tio leads the way

“Tio is leading in the ranking of this years Higher Education Guide. Almost all bachelor programmes are awarded the distinction Top Rated Programme, with International Business Management in Amsterdam and Utrecht being the real stars ”, according to the Higher Education Guide. It is the tenth year that Tio's bachelor programmes in the fields of hospitality, tourism and business are number one and are rated the best by the Education Guide. In addition, Tio is proclaimed the best small university of applied sciences in this guide. A smal university means there are 50 to 650 first-year students and at least four reviews programmes in two different fields.

Best hotel school

Tio's Hotel and Event Management programme is in joint first place with no less than 93 (out of 100) points, leading the ranking for the eighth year. Tio student Annoek van Bentem is also enthusiastic: “I really like the study. Tio is small-scale and personal. In addition, the lecturers are from the industry, that’s why the theory is linked to their personal stories. This makes it even more interesting!”

Best International Business programme

With 90 points, Tio's programme International Business Management is the best in the field for the seventh year in a row. This leadership position is one of the reasons why student Joris Drenth chose this Tio programme: “It is a very broad business programme that has everything: from e-commerce to finance, and from banking and stock exchange to entrepreneurship. Moreover, it has been the best business study in the Netherlands for years.”

Best degree in marketing

With 88 points, Tio’s marketing programme Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations is number one for the fifth year in a row. The Higher Education Guide about this programme: "At Tio you can take the marketing programme with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and minors in event management and international financial management, among other things."

Best tourism programme

Also in the field of tourism, Tio's International Tourism Management programme scores by far the best: with 86 points, the programme is now number one for the tenth year in a row. Tio student Kim Teleng endorses the positive results: “I found the travel world very interesting, but originally come from the event world and wanted to continue to develop in this. With this programme Tio offered the bigger picture for me. Nobody can take away the opportunities I got thanks to Tio. ”

Discover Tio at the open day

Meet the best small university

Discover Tio, the unique Tio concept and its award-winning programmes during the small-scale open days. From 24 October, Tio organises an open day every weekend at one of the Tio campuses, completely corona proof. Attending an open day online is also possible. 

Source: Higher Education Guide 2021