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Annemieke works as an account manager at Nespresso

Annemieke Bouman shows the many career opportunities that the International Tourism Management bachelor gives you. This Tio alumna studied at Tio Eindhoven and has worked as an account manager at the well-known coffee company Nespresso for a year now.

It might seem like a strange move at first, but nothing is further from the truth: “When you look at the courses that make up the International Tourism Management bachelor, you will see that it ties in very well with my current position,” Annemieke says. “For example, you learn all about purchase management, entrepreneurship and the law. It is a comprehensive bachelor programme that covers much more than just tourism.”

The world of Nespresso

Annemieke works as an account manager in the famous coffee brand’s “out of home” department. That means: “Trying to bring in new clients from the catering sector. At the same time, I have to retain our existing clients. I also host workshops and training sessions, for example. We really try to introduce our clients to the world of Nespresso.”

What Annemieke loves most about her job? “Meeting a potential client who is not really familiar with Nespresso yet and turning them into a full-blown ambassador of our brand. It is awesome to start from nothing and build something together.”

The Tio spirit

Tio’s lectures were not the only thing that helped Annemieke get to where she is today. “It was Tio’s spirit. It prepares you really well for the transition to the professional world.” What is that spirit, exactly? “You know from day one that you will get a job after you graduate. The dynamic environment, with its guest lectures and lecturers with practical experience, definitely contributes to that. Because the lecturers speak from experience, the material comes alive.” 

This unique spirit was not the only reason for Annemieke to choose a Tio bachelor: “I also liked the personal nature of Tio’s education. Even the campus manager knew my name. What other university of applied sciences can offer that?”

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