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Students are researching new restaurant concepts

What opportunities are there in the restaurant market? This is what Tio students of the bachelor programme Hotel and Event Management investigated during the Food and Beverage Management project. They developed a new restaurant concept, and the five best teams compete for the win in the exciting final!

All about starting a business

From pizza slices to cocktails and from croissants to Japanese shows: the students have clearly been busy these last weeks! Not only did they come up with a new restaurant concept; in the project they also dealt with other details that play a role in starting a company, such as marketing, operational matters and finances. During the online final, the five best teams present their plans. 

Rodeo: no more stress choosing a pizza

Team Rodeo came up with an interesting pizza concept where customers do not order a whole pizza, but can choose individual slices. No more choice stress in the pizzeria! And an extra advantage: with this concept the restaurant also prevents food waste. How? People often don't eat a whole pizza, but here they can always grab a slice if they still have an appetite. Smart thinking!

Miklusu: dining in Japanese atmospheres

Chic Japanese dining near the Amstel in Amsterdam is possible at restaurant Miklusu. Dining at Miklusu is an experience, with a combination of dishes and all kinds of - to some extent tantalizing - performances. A real night out!

Dame: enjoy some cocktails

The students of team "Dame" present their business plan from behind a bar and start their presentation making a cocktail. These mixed drinks play an important role in their concept: a cocktail bar and restaurant with a small menu.

Zaferano: even more cocktails

Cocktails are popular during this final: team "Zaferano" would also like to open a cocktail bar. This bar, which would be located in Breukelen, offers delicious snacks in addition to cocktails. And the guests feel as if they are in beautiful Italy, because the bar is completely in Italian style.

Fransje: breakfast and lunch the French way

A French breakfast and lunch restaurant with a twist of Brabant: that's Fransje! The jury is most impressed by the originality of this concept. In addition, they believe that the team has well thought of the financials and business side of the concept. Reason enough to declare Danique van der Heijden and Cato van der Werf, the students behind this concept, the winners of the Food and Beverage Management final!

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