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No study delay for Tio students

Despite the corona crisis, students at Tio University of Applied Sciences do not have to incur unnecessary study delays. Tio offers students various options to continue their studies. Student Rosalie: "It is great that Tio offers alternatives, so that students can make their own choice and do not have to suffer any study delay."

All classes online

For example, Tio has been offering all classes online since day one of the school closure due to corona. Very nice, thinks Myrco, student of Hotel and Event Management from Tio Hengelo. “Tio made the transition to the digital teaching environment very quickly. One day an online oral test, the orther day a recorded presentation and we are almost at the end of this semester. It is clear to me that we as Tio students can be very satisfied with the progress of this process.”

Lots of internship opportunities

Tio also offers various alternatives to students who are unable to do their internship this summer due to corona. For example, mbo students can exchange their internship for online classes and bachelor students can choose to exchange their internship for a minor in the online environment. The internship will then be done later in the year. Event management student Rosalie from Tio Eindhoven is happy with this option. “I'm not delayed by taking the minor Entrepreneurship in the summer. I will do my internship in January. I like the fact that Tio offers this as an alternative, so that all students can make their own choice and that they do not have to suffer a study delay.”

Student = no. 1 priority

Even if an internship can only take place in a different form due to corona, Tio can think along with the student due to its small-scale and personal character. Hotel and Event Management student Anna from Tio Amsterdam, for example, had already obtained a cool internship at a hotel in Barcelona, ​but it is now uncertain whether it can take place. However, it does not have to be delayed either. Anna: “I am now starting my internship at a hotel in Amsterdam of the same chain. When the hotel in Barcelona reopens, I can still go there, otherwise I can finish my internship in Amsterdam. Fortunately, I can still do an internship this way!”

Eveline, student from Tio Hengelo, also chooses to continue her final thesis in a different way. Eveline: “I'm already starting April 13! I can do my desk research at home while in the meantime I have contact with my client on a regular basis, the owner of the company. We are both confident that this will work.”