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Indy Brooks wins second online final Stocks & Bonds

The second final of this week's minor in Stocks & Bonds was won by sophomore Hotel and Event Management student Indy Brooks of Tio Amsterdam. In an exciting online final, five finalists from the various Tio campuses competed against each other. Indy managed to convince the jury with his presentation and investment strategy and won € 450.

Investing like a boss

Investing like a boss, do you know how to do that? The students of the minor Stocks & Bonds certainly do now! This summer, they were immersed in the fascinating world of stock markets, acquiring a great deal of financial knowledge. Knowledge that was then immediately put into practice by means of an exciting, virtual stock exchange game. Who applies the best strategy and makes the most profit? This week in the online finals, the five best students competed for the number one spot.

Live presentation

Because of corona, the finals took place completely online. That required them to present on their own in front of the webcam, with all fellow students and the judges watching live. Exciting! But the finalists didn’t let on that they felt any tension today. One by one, they presented their strategy and results as practised traders, all in English. The jury did not make it easy for the finalists with challenging questions about investment portfolios, day trading, short selling and fundamental analysis.

Happy winner

According to the jury, Hotel and Event Management student Indy had the best strategy. Indy took an active approach and focused mainly on short selling and day trading. According to the jury, he made very good use of technical analysis. Indy was surprised and happy. "Stock trading has become a new passion of mine," he said enthusiastically. "I loved the minor Stocks & Bonds. The programme was well put together and the books of famous stock exchange traders were very useful. I felt super proud when I heard I'd won!"

Student Floor van Gemeren of Tio Utrecht was the runner-up and student Bart Verhoef, also of Tio Utrecht, came in third.

Minor in summer

The students who followed this minor Stocks & Bonds already did so in the summer. Tio offered the bachelor students who were not able or not willing to do their internship this summer due to corona, the alternative of exchanging the internship for a minor in the online learning environment. The internship will then be completed later in the year. This way, they did not incur any undue delay in their studies.

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