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Practical focus at Tio

“One of the advantages of Tio University of Applied Sciences is its practical focus. At Tio, you not only learn from books, but you also have to explore the world of business. Ever since I started my studies at Tio, I have had to present myself as a business many times.”
Tio-student Steffie Gerritsen studies Hotel and Event Management and loves to share her study experience at Tio with you!

Project based education

“For example, I had to design a website for a fictitious organisation, I drew up a pitch and business description to represent another fictitious business, we use the same computer software as real hotels for the Hotel Concepts course, and we got to run our own hotel for a whole week during the Hotel and Event Week. To me, this is a truly unique concept. I cannot think of any other higher education programmes that includes such a significant practical component.”

Professional career

“These projects and courses give students an excellent overview of the employment market and effectively prepare them for their professional careers. Another major benefit of Tio is that you have several months of internships during your first year. This quickly introduces you to businesses and their work ethic.”

Lecturers from the industry

“Furthermore, nearly all Tio lecturers own their own business. Because they share their personal experience with students during their lectures, students learn even more about what their day-to-day professional practice will be like. It is quite possible that I will spend half my weeks as an event manager and the other half as a Tio lecturer in the future."

"In other words, Tio should be complimented for its extensive practical focus!”

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