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Great vibes and ambitious students during the Hotel and Event Week

Hotel Management and Hotel and Event Management students will take over various StayOkay hotels, magically transforming them into four-star hotels. Today, we take a look in StayOkay Arnhem, transformed into Hotel Countio for the occasion. 

Learning in practice

“Taking over a hotel is a very good way to learn how things go in practice. You really get to know all aspects of a hotel because you are on different shifts,” says Hotel and Event Management student Bram. Today, he is the personnel manager. In this capacity, he is responsible for the schedules and assessment interviews and ensures that all departments do their job. “Everyone is very pleased to be here, that’s great to see.”

Ambitious students

And that is certainly true: all attending students are positive and do their utmost to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability. In the kitchen, students are working hard to make dinner, the PR department is creating stories to put on Instagram, the bar personnel learn how to make the perfect cappuccino and the event managers recruit participants for the events. From ‘Making sauce in the country house’ to line dancing, there is always something going on at Countio!

Great ambiance

So how do the guests like it? “You can see that the guests are really enjoying themselves,” says Hotel and Event Management student Tim. Antoinette, a guest visiting her niece, joins in the line dancing workshop that afternoon and confirms that. “It is wonderful here, there’s a great vibe. The venue is great, certainly also thanks to the additions that the students realised. I feel totally at home here.”

For more information have a look at the website of Countio