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"Tio’s Tourism study was exactly what I was looking for"

Lisa Gumlich, who is of German origin, is studying International Tourism Management at Tio Eindhoven. She made a very conscious choice for this Dutch-language study at Tio. Lisa is now halfway through her second year; what does she think of the study, how is she enjoying studying in the Netherlands and what are her plans for the future?

Studying Tourism in the Netherlands

“I have always been very interested in tourism,” Lisa explains, “So I was keen to do a Tourism study. I thought about studying in Germany, but consciously opted for the Netherlands. I was brought up more Dutch than German and was most familiar with many of the important concepts in Dutch.”

“I was looking for a Tourism study at Bachelor’s level and that is exactly what Tio offers,” she continues. “In addition, the small classes and personal attention appealed to me greatly. The tourism programme is very small-scale in Eindhoven. Besides, Tio provided a great deal of substantive information about the study programme in advance compared to other programmes, so I knew exactly what to expect.”

Organising a study trip yourself

Lisa is enjoying the study. “I really enjoy the subject of International Student Travel,” she says enthusiastically, “because we actually get to go on the trips we plan. Our class is going to Scotland this year, a trip we organised ourselves. I also find the traditional tourism subjects like Destination Management very interesting.”

Eindhoven is intimate with a wonderful atmosphere

And what does Lisa think of the campus at which she is studying? “In one word: awesome! Tio Eindhoven is centrally located and within walking distance of the station. There are plenty of opportunities to go downtown or grab a bite during break time. The building is small, the study is small-scale and there is a wonderful atmosphere.”

Sustainability in the travel industry

“I am interested in organisations that help regions become more tourism-oriented and conceive so-called Destination Management Plans to achieve this goal,” Lisa continues. “During my internship, a new Destination Management Plan geared towards sustainability was presented. That concept plays a very important role nowadays. Many people think of typical things like the environment and climate when they think of sustainability, but it involves far more. I would like to do something in that area.”

The world is her oyster

Lisa views the future through rose-tinted glasses. “In the future, I see myself working as a tour guide for a tour operator for individual or group travels. But I am first going to travel the world after I graduate. I want to see the world after everything I have learned during the study. This study is the first step towards my future!”

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