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How to sell beer? Students got the gist of it at the finals of the Minor Sales

How do you sell a Slovenian beer brand in the Dutch market? With that question, bachelor students from the Minor Sales started to work. At the intimate restaurant Weesper in the heart of Amsterdam they presented their results today. A beer could not be missing!

Pitching workshop

The students and jury gather in restaurant Weesper, where the students first take part in a pitching workshop from the Pitch Academy. With several improvisation exercises, they learn how to pitch. They have to be at their best when they start selling their ideas!

How to sell beer?

After lunch, the students attend a guest lecture from Peter Bisselink of the world’s biggest brewery chain: AB InBev. He tells about trends in the beer market, brand strategy and how to sell beer. “Those annoying advertisements on social media, that’s us as well.” An interesting guest lecture; as appears from all the questions the students ask!

Final pitches

And then, it is time for the final pitches! Students already presented their ideas at the Tio campuses, and two couples were selected to do their pitches today. With presentations about sales strategies, organograms and a lot of calculations both couples have their own strategy to sell the Slovenian beer brand Pivovarna Pelicon to the Dutch market. The winning idea comes from International Business Management student Hendrik Reijmer and Hotel and Event Management student Roos Dijkema. With their Blue Ocean Strategy, they focus on a niche in the market: beers for restaurants with a Michelin star, liquor stores and luxury caterers.

“It was my goal to win”, tells winner Roos. “But I also really liked the assignment and the finale today. A great way to finish this semester!” What she’s going to do with the prize of €500,-? “I will invest it in my future, in the form of new business clothes.”


After such an intensive day about beer, a glass of the real thing is certainly well deserved! The students and jury end the day together with a beer tasting. Cheers!