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Minor Research: excellent preparation for your final thesis

Learning how to write academically, developing your critical thinking skills and conducting research: these are just a few examples of the things you learn during the Research minor. Find out what Hotelschool student Lieke Mommersteeg thinks of this minor. 

Three subjects

"The Research minor consists of three different subjects: academic writing, research methods and a research project. Academic writing is interesting, because it teaches you to write in an academic manner or read scientific articles. For the research methods course, you critically analyse certain articles and then apply logic reasoning. Finally, you can put everything into practice during the research project, for which you write a lengthy argument and a fitting counterargument in the same manner that you will use later to write your final thesis. You not only learn to use the well-known APA, but also how to apply a certain thinking method to a certain topic."

Thesis or master

"The Research minor will make it easier to write my thesis and transition to a possible follow-up study at a university or a master’s programme. Of course, conducting research is also very interesting: you delve into every aspect of a topic of your own choosing."

More and more interesting

"Because this was a new minor, things got off to a slow start. Over time, the subject became more and more interesting. In the end, we even got the chance to explore the “News or Nonsense” exhibit at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum."

Dealing with pitfalls

"The great thing about this minor is that it is open to anyone. Even if you struggled with the Methods & Techniques course, this minor can teach you how to deal with any pitfalls and prepares you for the final assignment of your studies: writing your thesis. Furthermore, I learned that reading or writing scientific articles is not necessarily difficult, as long as you pick a topic that you care about."


"I would definitely recommend this minor, especially if you are looking for an advantage when writing your thesis, if you want to continue your studies after graduating from Tio or if you love doing research as much as I do!"

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