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Sales internship at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

Selwin Dekkers, student Hotel and Event Management, did his internship at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. He is not only proud of his internship, but also of the fact that he is studying at the best hotel management programme in the Netherlands. “Who wouldn’t want that? Everyone I meet says the same; ‘Are you studying at Tio? You are truly working on your future, then!’ Hearing that never gets old.”

A true family business

“I do my internship at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. The hotel were (former) president Obama stayed in 2014. The fact that this is a family business was an important factor for me when I made my choice. The daily management of the hotel is in the hands of the family, which is a major advantage in my eyes. The method of communication is comparable to that at Tio; short lines, quick answers to any questions you may have and rapid solutions to problems. That is not as common as it should be, unfortunately.”

Quick actions = business

“I knew fairly early on that I wanted to do an internship in the field of sales. My study coach suggested Huis ter Duin. Many Tio students really enjoyed their internship here, which was another reason for me to choose this hotel. The sales department always acts quickly. A request from a business is picked up as soon as possible and they will have a proposal ready within two hours. The hotel sector is all about business. If one does not act quickly enough, the client will simply move to a different hotel. At Huis ter Duin, we therefore work in a team of four in order to send everything out as quickly as possible.”

Listening is key

“During my internship, I am invited along to meetings. Both my internship supervisors are Sales Directors. It is interesting to see how they use all their years of experience to sell the hotel. By listening carefully and saying the right thing at the right time, you can respond quickly to the client’s wishes. My main tasks during this internship are drawing up offers, making sales calls, drawing up transfers and taking care of daily sales tasks. The main thing I learned is the importance of planning and processing offers. By careful consideration and discussion you can get a lot done at hotel Huis ter Duin.”

Companies know what you have to offer

“Before enrolling in the Hotel and Event Management bachelor programme, I completed a secondary hotel management programme. I love the fact that Tio allows me to earn my bachelor’s degree in just two years. I chose Tio because the motivation of all students and the quality of the lecturers appeal to me. When you graduate from Tio, your diploma truly means something and companies will know what you have to offer. After this bachelor programme, I would love to also attend a master course, although a traineeship in a hotel in Los Angeles also sounds great.”

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