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Hotel and Event Management Bachelor's degrees


Below, you will find an overview of the admission requirements for the bachelor programme Hotel and Event Management, with which you can determine whether you can start this unique bachelor programme.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to this bachelor’s programme, you need 3 documents:

Once you are able to provide the above 3 documents and after approval of Tio, you are all set!

Register for this programme

Comparable international diplomas

Below you will find an overview per continent / per country what the admission requirements are for this Bachelor's programme.

Admission process

After we receive your registration, Tio will send you a written confirmation of your admission (provided that you meet the pre-education requirements and there is no waiting list). If your pre-education is insufficient for the programme you wish to take, we will schedule an interview and an assessment. The assessment costs € 80. The admissions committee will decide whether you can be admitted into the programme.

Register for a bachelor programme

Register on time
Tio’s programmes are popular and the number of available positions is limited. Every year, this leads to waiting lists. If you are sure about your choice, you should enrol as soon as possible. Positions are assigned in the order in which students register .

Selection and draw
Tio’s selection process is based on whether students meet their prior education requirements and timely registration. Tio does not select students by lots.

Introductory interview
You will be invited to an introductory interview with your study coach before the start of your education at Tio.

Enrolment in January or September

You can enrol two times during the academic year at Tio: in January or in September.
Tio’s various study programmes are popular and the number of available positions is limited. Every year, this leads to waiting lists. If you are sure about your choice, be sure to apply as soon as possible. Positions are assigned in the order in which students apply.

Enrolment in September

When you enrol in September, the first two semesters you will attend lectures at the Tio campus followed by a 13 week internship during the summer. This applies for the three and four-year programme.

Enrolment in January

You can also enrol in January; however this does mean that the total duration of the programme will take half a year longer. You will be attending many of the same lectures as the students from the September enrolment. This is possible given that the semesters within an academic year can be followed independently. Your internship will take place halfway through the first academic year.

Kick-off academic year

Prior to the academic year, the kick-off day and welcome days take place. Tio kicks the year off with an inspiring kick-off day. Students of all Tio campuses attend guest lectures by leading figures from the industry.
The welcome days are devoted to meeting fellow students, the student city and student society Cognatio. You take a look behind the scenes at companies in the industry and above all have a lot of fun. The welcome days take place in the week before the first week of classes.

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Pre-university education

Do you possess a pre-university diploma? Tio's bachelor's programmes have plenty of challenges in store for you. The percentage of Tio students with pre-university education who are enrolled in the English bachelor's programmes is among the highest in the Netherlands.  

Challenging programme

Tio offers you fast-track and intensive study programmes that let you obtain a bachelor's degree in just three years. Additionally, you can choose to play a leadership role during projects, go on management development internships, take an extra language course or an extra minor or gain administrative experience at Tio's student society.

Bachelor's & master's degree in 4 or 5 years

Once you obtain a Tio bachelor's degree, you will be in high demand on the employment market. If you want to move straight to a position in upper management, Tio's MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme is right for you. After completing your bachelor's programme, you can obtain the MBA degree in one year. If you dream of having an international career, you can choose an international master's programme at one of Tio's many partner universities. These are located all over the world: from America and Dubai to Switzerland. Having both degrees will give you a major head start when looking for a job. Employers will appreciate the combination of the practical attitude and the analytical skills you acquired.

Learning by doing

Tio sets itself apart with its practice-based study programmes. You attend lectures from lecturers with practical experience, apply your knowledge during projects and gain practical experience by completing two internships and a final thesis project. This distinguishes Tio's study programmes from those available at universities, which are primarily theoretical in nature.

Widely employable

Your bachelor's degree at Tio University of Applied Sciences prepares you for high-ranking (management) positions within and outside your chosen sector. That will open doors for you at many different companies and create more opportunities on the employment market.

Pre-university education and Tio

The percentage of students with a pre-university education enrolled in Tio’s English-language bachelor programmes is among the highest in the Netherlands. The national average of students with a pre-university education enrolled in a bachelor programmes is 10%. For Tio’s English-language bachelor programmes, it is 24%.

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Personal approach

Due to its small scale classes and intensive supervision, Tio can offer you a programme tailored to your needs.

Practical information

What are the lecture times at Tio and when do the holidays take place? And how can you order your textbooks? For this information, and information about, inter alia, examinations and enrolment please read this section with practical information

  • Structure academic year

    Depending on the selected programme of your choosing, an academic year generally consists of two fifteen-week semesters, a project week, two retake weeks and at least thirteen weeks of internship.

  • Lecture times

    The lectures (1 lecture hour = 50 minutes) take place from Monday to Friday between 09h00 and 18h20, with breaks in between. Below you find a list of when the lecture hours generally take place:

    Lecture hour

    Lecture times

    1st lecture hour

    09:00 - 09:50

    2nd lecture hour 

    09:50 - 10:40


    10:40 - 10:55

    3rd lecture hour

    10:55 - 11:45  

    4th lecture hour

    11:45 - 12:35


    12:35 - 13:05

    5st lecture hour

    13:05 - 13:55

    6th lecture hour

    13:55 - 14:45

    7th lecture hour  

    14:45 - 15:35


    15:35 - 15:50

    8th lecture hour

    15:50 - 16:40

    9th lecture hour

    16:40 - 17:30

    10th lecture hour

    17:30 - 18:20

  • Holidays

    You have a two-week Christmas holiday and a two-week summer holiday preceding or following your internship (if you have no retakes). If you are enrolled in a four-year programme, you will be off during the summer months of June, July and August (except during the first academic year). Study activities will be scheduled during the holiday periods in the autumn, spring and in May. 

  • Examination

    Every academic year has two regular exam periods, followed by two retake periods. During your final year, there will be an additional retake period at the end of the academic year. Furthermore, regular oral, practical and interim exams are scheduled throughout the year.

  • Terms for continuation

    Depending on your grades, you will confer with your study coach after your first semester to choose either the three- or four-year programme. You have to make your final decision at the start of your second year. The enrolment requirement for the three-year programme is that you have earned most of the first year’s ECTS credits on 1 October of your second academic year. The enrolment requirement for the second year of the four-year programme is that you have earned 55 of the first year’s ECTS credits. You do not have to drop out if you fail to meet these requirements; you can still complete the first year via an extended registration.

  • Retake of an academic year

    If you fail an academic year, for example due to illness, it is possible to retake that year’s classes. In that event, you will receive a 50% discount on the tuition fee.

  • Study materials

    If you start in September, you can order the first semester’s study materials in July. You can order the second semester’s materials in December. If you start in January, you can order the first semester’s materials in December and the second semester’s materials in July. For students who start their Tio programme as from January 2018 or later, all syllabi and books needed for the programme are included in the tuition fee. You can use Tio’s order module to order your study materials.

  • Extended registration

    If you have not yet completed all exams at the end of an academic year, you may extend your registration. During an extended registration, you have the right to complete exams and assignments, take part in an internship and complete your final thesis. Furthermore, you have limited access to lectures (a maximum of 10 contact hours per week; further conditions may apply). You can also choose an extended registration that is solely intended for an internship or final thesis, starting in September or January. This type of registration is subject to a one-month cancellation period.

  • Digital learning environment

    Tio supports you digitally via e.g. e-learning, Blackboard, Office 365, the digital library, email, course manuals, a database of internship companies and the Tio app. The Tio campuses offer free Wi-Fi and facilities for the live viewing of lectures, guest lectures and exam preparation sessions via web conferencing.
    There is one computer per every 3.6 students, nationwide this is one computer per every 8 students. Tio is affiliated with SURF-spot, here you can, as a student, purchase software and hardware with special educational discount. At every Tio locations there are information screens with current news and departure times of trains.

    Comprehensive information through app and student web

    • Personal schedule of lessons and exams
    • Push messages in case of a change in schedule and registration of study results
    • Text message for any lesson cancellation
    • Evaluate the lessons


    • Digital learning environment (Blackboard)
    • Online exam training
    • Digital library with 120.000 titles
    • Simulation games
  • Housing

    Tio can refer new students to housing used by other (former) students and student housing organisations. 

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