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Exciting media internship at BNN

Tio student Nikki van Lokven studies Hotel and Event Management and choose an internship in the media world. She managed to do her internship at BNNVARA. She can put her organisational skills to good use. Nikki shares her tips and tricks for students who’d also like to discover the world of television, media and the rich and famous.

Why did you choose a media company for your internship?

At first I thought an internship at a broadcasting company wouldn’t fit my study background. But during my studies and my first internship, I found out that media and communication appeal to me. When I saw the vacancy for communications intern at BNNVARA, I thought: let’s just give it a try!

What’s most fun about working at BNNVARA?

It’s very diverse. I’ve been working at the communications department for eleven weeks now. I’ve written press releases, arranged photo shoots and I’ve organised press conferences. At the moment I am organising an internal event: the yearly Christmas market. But I also arrange interviews for the BNNVARA presenters. For example for Jan Versteegh.
The organisational aspects of this job are my favourite. Besides that, it’s nice to get in touch with people you normally only see on television. I got to sent videos to Geraldine Kemper for her Instagram account and discussed with Domien Verschuuren about photos that I could attach to a press release. I also have to tune in sometimes with, for example, Shownieuws, RTL Boulevard and RTL Late Night.

Sounds awesome!

Yes, it is. Tomorrow I am attending a press conference that I organised. It is for a new show that Jan Versteegh is hosting. He just became a father and is making a show about what this new period in life means to him. It starts on the 6th of December, but tomorrow the press is coming together to get the first information about the show. I am responsible for the event organisation of this press conference: finding the right location, inviting the press and making sure everything goes well.

Do you have tips and tricks for other students?

First of all: go for it! It is really fun and very diverse to work at a media company. A bonus is that I get to attend all BNNVARA shows for free, such as ‘Spuiten en Slikken’ and ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. I don’t know how it works at other broadcasters, but at BNNVARA your motivation as an intern is very important, so my best advice is: show your enthusiasm! In your application letter and in your interview.

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