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Goalkeeper Jong PSV combines football career with Tio degree

Tyrick Bodak – call me Ty – is 20 years old and is a goalkeeper for the Curaçao national team and Jong PSV. Ty is also a Tio student in his second year of his bachelor's degree in Hotel and Event Management

What attracted you to Tio? 

I have training every day, especially in the morning, so I was looking for a school that could accommodate this. What attracted me to Tio was the small classes and the sense of really being included. And of course, the curriculum is based on practical experience, directly from the business world. This gives you an immediate insight into the real work that you ultimately aspire to. 

Study coach

Debbie, my study coach, has supported me from day one. We immediately clicked and communicated well, so it’s easy to work together. We have one or two meetings every month to evaluate how things have been going and discuss our plans for the upcoming period. I can confidently say that it's a strong bond. Debbie actively contributes to my planning and explores ways in which we can support each other.

Tailoring your schedule at Tio

Last December I had the opportunity to go on a training camp with PSV, but it fell in the exam week. I turned to my study coach to see what could be done. She assured me it wouldn't be a problem: since you have the top athlete status, we'll request the examination committee to allow you to take the exams when you return. This way, I could focus on football during the camp and catch up on my studies when I returned.


Ultimately, I have to come to school myself and show it's worth it. And for me, it truly is worth it; I’ve had the idea of opening a bed and breakfast since high school. That is exactly what the degree is all about. Studying is easier when you enjoy it and genuinely want to pursue it.

A unique combination: top sports and Hotel and Event Management

Football is now a priority. Once I finish this career, I want to go into the hospitality industry with the diplomas I’ve obtained. My mother worked in hospitality and a friend of ours is a manager. The stories I’ve heard from them have inspired me to combine the two. My father and two of my brothers are baseball players, and another brother is an athlete. Sport truly runs in the family, and then there's my mum who takes care of us all. That’s how everything is connected. And ultimately, I want to bring this all together!

The future

There are several dream clubs I would like to go to one day, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid ... But in the short term I’m focussing on learning as much as possible and developing myself to the best of my ability. As a goalkeeper, I want to play at a club where I can showcase my skills every week. At the moment I’m more concerned with football, as well as with my studies for later, for my more distant future.

Tips for other students with top sports status or who need to tailor their schedules

Communicate effectively and don't wait too long to schedule appointments, especially when there are changes. Put in the effort, don't slouch in class just because you're tired. This is the best approach: show the same effort in school as you do on the field. When lecturers see that, they are more likely to go the extra mile for you.

Image courtesy of © PSV MEDIA