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Enrolment in January: “You can adapt and essentially get a head start!”

Jolie started the Hotel Management degree at Tio in Utrecht last January. This option offered her the opportunity to do what really suits her without delaying her studies. She likes it so much that she would recommend it to other prospective students. 

Why did you start in January?

“I started at another school in September, but it really wasn’t for me. I wanted to do something else as soon as possible.”

Choosing Tio

“I first became interested in Tio after hearing lots of good things from a family member who is also a student at Tio Business School. I then got lots of information directly from Tio about how it would work with an enrolment in January and about the level of study pressure, the timetable and so on. So I knew exactly what I was getting into!”

How do you like it in practice?

“You join an existing class, so that was interesting. But it all went very smoothly and fast. I was immediately well-received and part of the class. Now it’s great because I know both the first years and the second years. It was perfect in terms of workload and pressure. Plus, you start with the most enjoyable courses, like cooking classes.

After the first semester, I had a wonderful summer off. I then got to join the introduction days in the Ardennes in August. It was all perfectly organised, and I met some really nice people there. Starting in January didn’t make it feel any different. 

After the break, everything went excellent at school again. The study program aligned well with my January enrolment and the classes I had already taken.

What would you tell people who are not sure about starting between January and September?

 “I met so many nice people, there’s the student association, you get to know two years in one, you get used to it. It just means you’re ahead!”

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