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‘The MBA opens doors at home and abroad’

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Tio Business School prepares students for top (international) management positions. Ambitious students can obtain the internationally recognised master's degree within one year. Master's student Ben and prospective master's student Anouk explain why they choose this MBA at Tio and what their experiences are.  

The MBA is offered at all six Tio campuses and is open to all students with a bachelor’s degree. Ben, who studied International Tourism Management, has almost finished the master's degree. Anouk, who studied Hotel and Event Management, will start the master's degree the next academic year. We talk to them about study choices, international ambitions and investing in yourself. 

Ben, tell us, why did you choose this MBA? 

Ben: ‘I have always dreamed of an international career in business. International Tourism Management fitted my goals perfectly. In 2019, I graduated and started my own marketing agency: Key-advice. My business has since grown strongly, and I would like to develop further. I can do that with an MBA. The title is recognised worldwide, so that fits in perfectly with my international ambitions.’ 

And Anouk, why did you choose this MBA? 

Anouk: ‘During my Hotel and Event Management studies and as a self-employed entrepreneur in the hotel and catering industry, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I like to keep challenging myself and to deepen my knowledge on a business level. It will be interesting to develop a helicopter view, to learn how to analyse issues on an organisation-wide basis and how to translate these analyses into concrete advice and plans on a strategic level. I think this MBA fits perfectly with the practical experience I already have through my internships and work.’ 

And why did you want to do this MBA at Tio? 

Anouk: ‘I compared different masters. But I have to admit when I heard about Tio’s MBA, I knew right there and then. It is exactly the direction I want to go in. And I like studying at Tio: small-scale and personal education, expert lecturers, many networking opportunities and a nice atmosphere. Why would I look further?’ When Ben heard about this master's programme, he didn't have to think twice. ‘Studying at Tio also suited me very well and this master's programme fitted seamlessly with the path to my dreams. Tio has been voted best small university of applied sciences of the Netherlands several times. And if you invest in yourself in a purposeful way, then go for the very best, I say.’  

Anouk, what are your expectations? 

Anouk: ‘I expect greater depth above all. For example, I am very interested in process optimisation. During my internships, I often noticed that certain processes on the work floor in hotels and restaurants took unnecessarily long. I would like to learn more about that and apply what I learn in practice. So that it is more pleasant for your employees to work, and you increase your turnover at the same time.’ 

Ben, you are already working on your final thesis. How did you like the master? 

Ben: ‘I find it extremely interesting that we go deeper into teaching material than during my bachelor. In addition, the modules are very diverse, which is good. For example, Business Intelligence has a numerical character, Strategic Management teaches me how to make the best strategic choices as a director of a multinational, and Human Resource Management is very socially engaged. Finally, collaborating with my fellow students makes the academic year really enjoyable – we are always there for each other.’ 

‘I would like to add that getting a master's degree in one calendar year is hard work,’ Ben continues. ‘You learn to deal with strict deadlines and, as a master's student, you are expected to demonstrate a lot of independence and commitment. But when all the hard work is rewarded with great results, it is an excellent motivator to get the best out of yourself.’ 

What specialisation have you chosen? 

Ben: ‘I chose the specialisation of International Management. This specialisation focuses in particular on the international aspect of doing business. That's pretty much in line with where I want to go.’ Anouk also chose International Management, she explains. ‘This direction seems to be a very good addition to the knowledge and experience I gained during hotel and event management and fits well with my ambitions.’ 

What are your plans after your master’s degree, Ben? 

Ben: ‘I have deliberately not planned that yet. The number of options increases explosively with my master's degree. Do I eventually sell my business after further investments? Do I start a new adventure in my career somewhere else? Will I go to South America, the Caribbean or perhaps Curaçao or Bonaire? One thing is certain: I have plenty of options.’ 

And what about you, Anouk? 

Anouk: ‘I don't want to commit myself too much yet either. I really want to go into this master’s with an open mind. But I do get very excited about hospitality in the broadest sense of the word. I would love to be able to do that every day after I graduate.’ 

Finally, Ben, do you have any tips for Anouk and other students who want to start this master's programme? 

Ben: ‘Work hard and celebrate your successes. Make a plan. Think about how you will divide your time alongside the classes and keep enough time free for projects, essays and papers. And finally: enjoy! Enjoy all the new knowledge and experience you gain, the pleasant collaboration with your fellow students and lecturers and the brilliant atmosphere at Tio. Obtaining an MBA degree in one calendar year, which is possible at Tio, is unique. The diploma opens doors, enriches you as a person and will be with you for the rest of your life.’