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Master of business administration master

Study programme Master of Business Administration

The curriculum of the MBA consists of a core programme, a specialisation programme, a development programme and a final thesis project. The specialisation programme lets you choose one of the following specialisations.  


Core programme (24 EC*)

Specialisation programme (18 EC*)

The specialisation programme lets you choose one of the three following specialisations: 

1.  International management

2.  Hospitality

3.  Commercial management

Development programme (18 EC*)

* EC stands for European Credit. One EC is equal to a workload of 28 hours. Subject to changes.
The workload is approximately 12 to 16 contact hours and 24 hours of independent studying per week.


This is what former students say

Bob Peulen | Master student
“Marketing always had my interest. Because I wanted more theoretical background, I decided to do a master. It connected very well to my education at Tio”
Bob Peulen | Master student
Stefanie Broek | Tio alumna
”After Tio you can earn your master's degree within one year. I recommend it to everyone”
Stefanie Broek | Tio alumna
Arjen Borgmeyer | Tio Alumnus
“Tio's bachelor's degree ties in well with a master's programme. During the master you learn a different way of analytical thinking. ”
Arjen Borgmeyer | Tio Alumnus