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Master of Business Administration

Master's degree 1 year

A glimpse of your future

There are many roads open to you when you earn your degree in Master of Business Administration. What about working as a senior vice president at financial advisory service in London, director at Meltwater or Head of Sustainability at TUI. Do you want to know more about your many options? Take a look at the career opportunities and read interviews with alumni.

Starting salary

The starting salary for recent graduates with a master's degree in economics or business administration, which includes the MBA, is around €4,036 gross per month.
This figure is based on the ROA (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market) survey of 2020, which utilized salaries from the end of 2019. The calculation above is adjusted for inflation for the years 2020 through 2023.
Look at possible professions

More job opportunities

Businesses love working together with professionals who possess both the practical skills from a bachelor's programme and the analytical insights acquired during a master's programme. Furthermore, a master's degree can help you get a job that you would not get with just a bachelor's degree. This means you have more job opportunities and are more likely to find the job of your dreams.

What can you do and where can you work?

What can you do once you complete the Master of Business Administration at Tio Business School?
You are widely employable and the business world likes to work with professionals who have practical experience, but who also have well-developed analytical skills. Plenty of job opportunities!

Think of professions such as:

  • Managing director
  • Marketing manager
  • Consultant
  • Sales director
  • Area director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Researcher
  • Account manager
  • Financial manager
  • Policy officer

Where can you work? Examples include:

  • Multinationals
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Government institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Retail organisations
  • Research and consultancy companies
  • SME
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Your own business
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Things you do during the MBA programme

  • Master of Business Administration programme at Tio University
    Master of Business Administration programme at Tio University
  • MBA students on study trip in Berlin
    MBA students on study trip in Berlin

Alumni association

You can find Tio alumni everywhere! As an entrepreneur and in senior positions in various industries: from SME to multinational. With over 10,000 alumni, Tio offers you plenty of opportunities to build an extensive and valuable network.

Tio Alumni is committed to maintaining warm ties between former students and Tio and to strengthening contacts between its alumni. It offers the thousands of graduates opportunities to meet each other online and offline. Alumni also come together at networking events, masterclasses and events. Via the LinkedIn group Tio Alumni, Tio and its graduates share vacancies, industry information and knowledge. Tio likes to stay in touch with former students. That is why we have an alumni council consisting of former students who are involved in policymaking at Tio.