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Master of Business Administration

Master's degree 1 year


Study at the best educator in the NetherlandsAre you ready for a senior management position? Looking for more in-depth knowledge, analytical skills and strategic know-how? Do you want an internationally-recognised master’s degree? Choose a Master of Business Administration at Tio and within one year you will be adding a master's title to your résumé.
The business community is crying out for highly skilled professionals like yourself. Our MBA gives you the tools to become a business specialist and the opportunity to enhance your skills with practice-based learning.

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Is this MBA right for you?

Tio’s Master of Business Administration educates you to become an all-round management professional within large companies or multinationals. Do you recognise yourself in one or more of these descriptions? Then this study is perfect for you! Are you:

  • Ambitious?

    You are ambitious and ready to take on the next step in your career. With your Bachelor's degree, finding a job after graduation often goes rather quickly. However, with a Master’s degree, you have (even) more opportunities in the labour market. Think about better chances at a management position, better career opportunities and in general a higher salary.  

  • Driven?

    You are motivated and eager to gain in-depth business knowledge. You are not prepared (yet) to fully leave the student life behind. For you, the MBA is the perfect challenge at the perfect time in your career. 

  • Business-oriented?

    Would you like to develop your business administration skills? Choose for Tio’s Master of Business Administration! As a Business Administrator, you determine the strategy of organisations. You develop the best skills while analyzing organisations and their market environments. You are able to use insights from other disciplines, like business economics, economics, psychology and sociology.  

  • Entrepreneurial?

    Do you look for opportunities wherever you go? Good chance you have an entrepreneurial attitude. When something needs to happen, you are not the one to sit around and wait. You are proactive and always ready to take action. You have an adventurous and decisive nature and are not afraid to take on any responsibility. Entrepreneurial people like you see what requires improvement, or notice what others need.

  • A true strategist?

    Would you like to work in a strategic position? This MBA helps you evolve into one. Courses such as Strategic Management and International Entrepreneurship & Innovation will make you a suitable expert to determine a company’s strategy, while taking the future into account.

  • Analytical?

    During this Master of Business Administration, you will develop your analytical skills even more. You know exactly how to systematically tackle the most complex business problems. You learn to approach a problem from multiple perspectives and draw fact-based conclusions. 

  • Groundbreaking?

    Do you feel like you want to broaden your horizons? In that case, the Tio Master programme is the perfect fit for you! During the MBA you will participate in the core study programme, after that you specialise in International Management, Hospitality, or Commercial Management. The choice is yours!

  • Fancying a title behind your name?

    Do you like the sound of a master title? Then you are in the right place, the MBA is an excellent title and distinguishes you from other professionals. It makes you a true business expert and proves that you are ambitious, driven, and in possession of in-depth knowledge. 

Do you recognise yourself in one or more of the above descriptions? For more information, take a look at the curriculum. Or request the study guide.

"If you invest in yourself, go for the very best!"
Ben, MBA student


You complete the core curriculum, followed by one of five specialisations. The one-year degree is available at all Tio campuses. You will study in a small group setting and enjoy high-quality education with a personal touch.

You can choose one of five specialisations:

Master´s degree in only 1 year

Tio is one of only few educational institutes to offer a full-time practice-based MBA programme. The professional master programme is a twelve-month Master of Business Administration programme that is available at all Tio campuses. With this MBA, Tio gives you the opportunity to enrol in a professional master's programme in a small-scale environment. You can enjoy the many benefits of Tio's personal and top-quality education while giving your career a boost with a valuable degree.

Focus on real-life experience

Tio's Master of Business Administration at a higher education level has a strong focus on real-world practice. Through case studies from the professional field, assignments and company visits, you will gain awareness of current developments and continuously strive to link theory and practice. You will also take part in inspiring masterclasses from renowned speakers and be taught by top lecturers from the field. Because they know exactly what is going on in the industry today, these lecturers can give you excellent guidance. This is how you give your career the best kick-start!

Master of Business Administration in 2 minutes

  • Master of Business Administration programme at Tio University
    Master of Business Administration programme at Tio University
  • Benefits of a Masters degree in the workfield
    Benefits of a Masters degree in the workfield
  • MBA students on study trip in Berlin
    MBA students on study trip in Berlin

Why choose a master's programme?

The MBA programme hones your critical thinking and analysis skills. You can translate your analyses into concrete recommendations, plans and innovative tools at the strategic level. In doing so, you take various perspectives and developments within the organisation into account. This master's programme leads to more job opportunities and a higher starting level and starting wage. In other words, a master's programme is an investment in your career. 

This Master of Business Administration (professional master, ISAT-code 70024) has been accredited by the NVAO and educates students in one year for the internationally recognised title of Master of Business Administration (MBA).