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7 apps to study more productively at home

Because of the corona measures, many students in the Netherlands have to study at home. Are you not one of the happy few who always study at home in a disciplined and motivated way? Is your motivation too far to find? No worries, we have listed 7 (free) apps for you that can give you a hand!

  1. Cold turkey
    One moment you work like a madman through your to-do list, the other moment you are immersed in the quiz ‘Which frying snack are you?’ (A bami disc). Distraction is everywhere. The Cold Turkey app temporarily disables all distractions, such as websites and social media. So: undisturbed studying.
  2. Promodoro apps
    In the 1980s, the promodoro method was developed to work more efficiently: 25-minute work blocks and 5-minute breaks. It works very good. This is why many students worldwide benefit from this effective approach. Download a promodoro app, such as Focus Booster or Productivity challenge timer, and boost your productivity!
  3. Fores
    Less distraction, more focus. Yes please! The Forest app works in a playful way to strengthen your focus. Plant a virtual tree and grow it for a preset time by not using your phone. How many trees can you grow per day?
  4. Todoist
    The Todoist app is an online task manager and promises you more inner peace, overview and mental clarity. Useful for planning and keeping track of just about all your study or work tasks. No more to-do lists lying around or unfinished tasks that haunt your mind, how nice?!
  5. Noisli
    Concentration problems? Give Noisli a try. The app blocks disturbing or annoying (ambient) sounds and works with soothing colors and sounds. Noisli helps you with more focus and less stress and distraction. Perfect for a relaxed but productive study session.
  6. Notebloc PDF scanner
    Notes lying around are a thing of the past with Notebloc PDF scanner. The app makes it possible to digitize handwritten notes and to scan documents and even entire whiteboards or blackboards. Take a photo, save the text as a PDF or JPEG file, and share with others if desired. Scan, save & share!
  7. Screen time apps
    If you want to quickly check your mail, before you know it you have strayed to the Instagram account of the friend of your colleague's sister. Recognizable? We spend more and more time unnoticed on our smartphone. And let's be honest; this can often be done more efficiently. The apps AntiSocial and RescueTime, among others, provide insight into your screen time. Confronting though!