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Beste small university

Personal interview

If you want more information after reading the information available on our website, that is not a problem! We can answer any questions you have in private during a personal interview.
During a personal interview, we determine whether there is a click between you as a prospective student and Tio. Why do you want to study at Tio and why are you choosing this specific programme? What can Tio offer you? That is why we also discuss matters such as disabilities, admission requirements and possible exemptions.

Due to the extensive lockdown, all physical study choice activities cannot take place. It's no problem to let the personal interview take place online. So please, don't hesitate to sign up.

If your prior education does not tie in sufficiently with the (bachelor) programme you wish to enrol in, an intake interview and an assessment will be scheduled. Based on this interview and the assessment, you may be accepted into the study course after all.

Webcam interview

You do not have to leave home to have a proper one-on-one interview. Good advice is available whenever and wherever you want, either live at one of the Tio campuses or via your webcam at home (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).