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Trial study day

You can get a good impression of a study programme during the actual lectures. You can tag along with a student for a day during their lectures. When you tag along with a student of one of the bachelor’s or master's degrees, they will take you to all of their lectures, give you a tour of the campus and answer any questions you may have about the study course. Of course, lunch is included.

At the moment our students are doing their exams and then their internship. With the start of the next academic year (per September) lectures will be resumed and you are welcome to tag along with a student for a day. For a personal experience, please request a personal talk and tour.

This is what visitors say

"It was fun! The day was well-organised and the lectures were interesting. I noticed that the lecturers were very involved with their course and the students. The bachelor programmes are well-structured and there were no cancelled lectures."
“My 'student for a day' experience was amazing. The university has a great atmosphere and it is nice that everyone knows each other. The courses are interesting and the lecturers offer great lectures. The day gave a good impression of the courses and atmosphere. Tio is a lot more focused on its students than other universities."
“It was an educational and informative day. I have a good impression of the study programme of the bachelor course and had some fun lectures. Joran and his classmates gave me a very warm welcome! Both lecturers and students gave clear answers to all of my questions."
“During this day I found out the big differences between large universities of applied sciences and small ones like Tio."