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Eight gold medals for Tio in EW Best Studies 2021 survey

In total, Tio University of Applied Sciences earned sixteen medals in Elsevier's study choice survey EW Best Studies. Tio's campuses brought home eight gold medals, three silver medals and six bronze medals. Tio's programmes International Business Management, International Tourism Management, Hotel and Event Management and Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship all won gold medals.

Assessment of the Best Studies

This year's EW Best Studies survey compares 2,182 study programmes to help secondary-education students choose the right study. The results are based on the National Student Survey that 330,000 students took part in. The study programmes are rated on eleven aspects that are important when choosing a study. Among the aspects taken into consideration are the contents of the programme, the available study facilities, examination and assessment and atmosphere. To receive a gold medal, a study programme must score considerably higher than the average of the entire sector on eight or more of these aspects. 

Myriad medals for Tio University of Applied Sciences

With sixteen medals, Tio is the rightful winner of the EW Best Studies 2021 survey. Tio's programme International Business Management won gold three times; the campuses in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Hengelo all received a gold medal. The other gold medals were won by the International Tourism Management programme in Eindhoven and Hengelo, Hotel and Event Management in Hengelo and Utrecht and Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship in Utrecht.

Satisfied students across the board

Students indicate that they are satisfied with every aspect of their studies. The gold medal not only means that they are happy with the contents of the programme and the atmosphere on campus, but also that students are being well prepared to enter the employment market and that they would choose the same programme again as a first-year student if they had to go back.

Katinka Reuling, managing director at Tio University: “After the amazing results from the Higher Education Guide, we are now thrilled to receive no fewer than eight gold medals in the EW Best Studies survey. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the hard work we do to take our education to the next level. We are constantly looking for new ways to further improve the quality of our education for current and future students alike. To have our efforts acknowledged like this not only makes us proud, but also gets us even more excited about the academic year to come.”

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Source: EW Best Studies 2021