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Tio Rotterdam wins Eventgame 2012 in Amsterdam

Battle of the locations: Tio Amsterdam versus Tio Rotterdam

Event management – Students of Tio Rotterdam: Jill van den Bos, Lap Chung Chiu, Michelle Jongenburger, Saskia Kool, Jaap Middeldorp, Franca Nieuwenhuis, Britt Planken, Marieke de Ruijter, Samantha Strubbe and Jordi Waar won the Eventgame 2012 in Amsterdam. Congratulations!

A whopping 170 students of the Hotel and Event Management course competed with each other in the Eventgames 2012. The students of the Tio location in Amsterdam were willing to give it their all to beat the students of the Tio location Rotterdam by creating the best concept and vice versa.

Groups of students thought up innovative event concepts to firmly establish the car brand KIA as the main sponsor of the European Championship Soccer 2012. After the brainstorm sessions, creating the concepts and presenting the ideas to a jury of experts (consisting of people like: Leon Kruitwagen representative for the society of Event Managers and delegates of KIA Nederland), Tio Rotterdam was pronounced the winner.

The winning concept is a customized app which, among other things, allows you to design your own KIA and offers a Dutch Oranje party to all the participants. At this party it will be announced which one of the participants has the winning design and get his or her own customized KIA.

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