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‘My Tio experiences will be helpful for my future’

“I like the Hotel and Event Management courses, especially the Hotel and Event Week”, says exchange student from Malaysia Yun Zheng Lim enthusiastically. He is currently studying at Tio Utrecht for a semester. “This Hotel and Event week gave me the change to set up a hotel and restaurant; a unique experience for me!”

Studying abroad

Yun Zheng Lim is from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where he’s studying at Taylor’s University. This semester he’s studying at Tio University of Applied Science. “Before I signed up for studying abroad”, Yun Zheng Lim explains, “I did some research. I found out that the reputation of Tio was really good in comparison to other universities in the Netherlands.”

Small-scale and personal education

“I like studying at Tio”, Yun Zheng Lim says. “The small-scale and personal education of Tio helps me concentrate during classes. And because of the small class sizes I know all the students by name, that’s nice. Besides, I have learned a lot from the lecturer’s experiences from the industry. It will be useful for my future career. I think my Tio experiences will be helpful for my future anyway, it helped me to be more open minded and build a valuable network.”

“The Hotel and Event Management courses are fun”, Yun Zheng Lim continues. “The course I like the most is the Hotel and Event Week. It was a unique experience to set up a hotel and restaurant.”

Studying in Utrecht

During his semester at Tio, Yun Zheng Lim lives in Utrecht. “In comparison to Kuala Lumpur Utrecht is a small and quiet city, which is nice. I like living in Utrecht, I can get everything I need here. For exchange students Utrecht is very convenient.”

Getting to know the Dutch culture

For Yun Zheng Lim it’s the first time in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the semester Tio organised a field trip to a typical Dutch place of interest: the Zaanse Schans. “I liked the field trip to the Zaanse Schans”, Yun Zheng Lim says. “It has helped me understand the Dutch culture better. I am really enjoying my time studying in the Netherlands. I would recommend this to other students as well!”

We asked Yun Zheng Lim how he rates his university and programme:
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