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A job as account manager at Groupon even before graduating

Lara Nieuweboer had a guaranteed job offer even before she graduated. The former Hotel and Event Management student feels right at home at Groupon. “You have to communicate in such a way that you get what you want: a deal.”

A job just like that

Groupon offers online discount promotions for e.g. a weekend trip, an afternoon visit to a sauna or a nice dinner. A telephone interview with the head office in Dublin and a day at the office in Amsterdam were enough for Lara to be guaranteed a job there after her graduation. “On that day, I was the only one there who had not graduated yet, but I did fine. We received a lot of job application training at Tio and we also learned how to behave in a group. Although I sometimes wondered what use all that was, it came in very handy during the application process.”

Closing deals for Groupon

In no time, she worked as a Merchant Developer (account manager) at Groupon’s local department. “My main responsibility is to close deals and make sure new products and services can be added to the website. Groupon is a target-driven organisation. You have to meet your contract numbers and earn enough revenue.” For Lara, that means closing five (telephone) deals per week. “I close deals with amazing restaurants, many of which have at least one Michelin star.”

Tio comes in handy

Her Tio education already came in handy during her application, but she can also use the skills she acquired during her bachelor in her day-to-day activities. “I learned to plan better and work in a structured manner. I also learned a lot about management at Tio. Taking care of everything, making sure things go well and automatically taking on tasks when part of a group. Last but not least: when you attend a school where everyone has strong communication skills, yours will improve automatically. I still benefit every day from being able to deal with all kinds of people. Customer contact is an important part of my job. I sometimes call clients just to strengthen our relationship, without necessarily wanting to make a deal.”

Targets and bonuses

In the end, it is all about making deals, reaching targets and perhaps earning a bonus on top of your salary. “In the eight months I have worked here, I have always reached my targets. The bonuses I earn on top of that give me an above-average wage for a twenty-three-year-old.”

Competition and collaboration

She has clearly found her place at Groupon. She enjoys the competitive aspect, as well as the collaboration with her colleagues and the contacts with clients. “Learning to communicate in a convincing manner so you get what you want makes for an interesting addition to everything I learned at Tio.”

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