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Eurovision and guerrillamarketing at Tio Amsterdam

Who wouldn’t want to be able to consult experts? Students have the opportunity to do so during guest lectures at Tio Amsterdam. In October, they got the chance to attend guest lectures about two different subjects: Event Management at Eurovision and everything there is to know about guerrilla marketing.  

Backstage at Eurovision 

“The show must go on,” says Richard Rouwendaal, owner of Rauw Events & Productions. Richard has worked for years as a stage manager in the Netherlands and abroad for mega events like Formula 1 and company events for Transavia and Sixt.  He tells us about the grand finale of Eurovision and what went wrong during Greece’s performance. “By working together and communicating clearly, we were able to come to a quick resolution. The show could go on and the audience didn’t suspect a thing.” 

“Normally you only get to see this kind of event as a finished product on TV. It’s really cool to be able to work behind the scenes here,” says Max, Hotel- and Event Management student. Richard’s most important tip? Build your network. “You get much further in life with the help of others, and you can also help others get further in their own careers!” 

Be daring 

Guerrilla marketing: what is it and how does it work? Alexis Verschueren from Raul & Rigel explains the ins and outs of this exciting type of marketing. People often think that marketing is just about costly advertisements on TV and online. But with a good dose of creativity, guts, and a well-thought-out plan, you can get your message across in a completely different way. And with a much smaller budget!  

From marketing campaigns for Playstation and the reopening of the Rijksmuseum to a campaign for Oxfam Novib: guerrilla marketing is all about creating a buzz. Make sure that people will talk about you and your campaign to garner interest in your product or service. A tip from Alexis: Be daring and creative. Ensure that your message stays with your public. “Make it stick!”