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Inspiring kick-off day

The annual Kick-off day signals the beginning of the study year. All dressed in their smartest outfits, students from all five locations arrived at conference centre Reehorst in Ede. Since Tio’s main focus is on practice based learning, the day was filled with inspiring guest lectures by professionals from the hotel, event, tourism, business and e-commerce industry.

Food inspiration

The Hotel and Event management students attended a guest lecture by Frank Linder from Food Inspiration. This lecture taught them all about the latest trends and concepts in the food industry. The students were very enthusiastic about this lecture. “The speaker from Food Inspiration was both interesting and inspiring, he introduced some cool concepts.”

SAIL Amsterdam

The Hotel and Event management program also included an interesting lecture by Erwin van Lambaart, owner of an event management company and the main organizer of SAIL Amsterdam. The students are not the only ones who are excited about the kick-off day. Erwin van Lambaart: “It is always a pleasure to be a guests speaker at Tio’s kick-off day”.


Max Raaijmakers from ABN-AMRO MeesPierson provided the International Business Management and Commercieell Business Management students with an insight into the financial world. He incorporated a lot of personal experiences into the lecture and this was appreciated by the students: “I enjoyed the ABN-AMRO guest lecture the most since the speaker really interacted with the audience and he shared a lot of personal stories.”

Google Adworks workshop

The Tio students enrolled in the newly-started E-commerce Marketing Sales course were familiarized with Tio’s practice based learning. They were involved in a Google Adworks workshop by Bob van de Vooren from consultancy company Soethart. During this workshop, students gathered knowledge that is directly applicable to their studies.

Chris Zegers

The International Tourism Management students were seated in the large theatre were they enjoyed a lecture by the always energetic Chris Zegers. His most important message is to ask yourself what gives you energy and what consumes energy. Go for whatever it is that gives you energy. On this note we ended 2015’s inspirational kick-off day. The students went home with fresh ideas, motivations and ambitions.