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"Dutch people are very friendly"

Although Germany is close by, there are many differences between the two countries. Due to family circumstances Layla decided to choose an exchange close to home. Layla: “In Germany people are not so open. The curtains are closed to make sure nobody can look inside. I also think that Germans do not go out as much as the Dutch do.”

Love to travel

Layla was born in Berlin but moved to Oldenburg in Holstein, a city in northern Germany, when she was very young. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and having breakfast, lunch or dinner with them: “We all love eating.” She also enjoys swimming and riding a bicycle and, of course, travelling. “I love to travel and to go abroad. At my university we have to go abroad for at least one semester to do a work placement or an exchange period. I decided to do both. Earlier this year, from February to August, I did a work placement in the US.”

Nice country, nice people, hard work

Layla about The Netherlands: “Dutch people are really very nice! They are open and friendly. And the landscape is even more beautiful than I expected. Although it is going to be winter soon, there are still a lot of nice days left to go on a bike tour through the countryside, a perfect break from studying all day.” There are some things she did not expect: “All the homework. I knew that it would be different and also challenging to study abroad in another language. But at our home university we don’t have any homework. Over here you are expected to study more independently.”

Personal and practical

Layla: “The bachelor course at Tio is not more difficult, but it has been more challenging and time-consuming so far. I really like the personal atmosphere here. At Tio I get a lot of practical experiences because of all the projects and assignments. Also all the presentations are a good exercise and good for your self-confidence.”

Move to the USA? 

As for the future; Layla is not sure yet. Maybe working in the USA? She hopes the practical know-how she is acquiring at Tio will be of benefit to her. During her work placement in the US her boss asked her to come and work for him and she is considering his offer. Whether she goes to the USA or stays closer to home, Tio wishes her good luck on all her ventures. 

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