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Tio moves head office

The head office of Tio has moved to a central location. After nearly half a century in a beautiful historical building in Hengelo the new head office will be located in Utrecht. The move to Utrecht is as of the 23rd of May 2016.

"Compared to Hengelo, Utrecht is a city with a much bigger reach in regards to the work field. As this is one of the aspects Tio is known for, the move will only compliment this’, "explains director Mark Duthler. "Moreover, with a central location, head office staff is a lot closer to all the Tio branches. This is important for the integration, the visibility of the staff and for the involvement on the locations itself. In the new office, all staff members work together on one floor. Meaning that the decision makers are close together resulting in a faster decision making process. The theme of the head office is 'work and collaborate in an informal atmosphere."

Open environment

Just like the previous office, the new office is an open environment. This environment encourages collaboration between colleagues and departments. "The working environment at the office is characterized by it’s openness and cooperation" says HR staff member Bastiaan Kreuning. "Because the staff members are working in the same office we can move quickly, something that compliments a dynamic organization like Tio ". IT staff member Andreas Kooistra says "because the office is so open, it is easy to approach your colleagues. That is great for building trust and mutual understanding.” Workshop of Wonders, Tio’s appointed architect, took care of the designs taking into account the wishes of the staff and management.

New address

Tio head office
St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht