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Tio is ready for one and a half meter society

Tio is ready: in September, based on the current measures, students can come back to the campus to attend their Tio programes! Completely corona proof of course; see below which measures Tio takes to offer you a safe study environment.

Spreading the contact hours

In order to avoid rush hours, Tio schedules the contact hours and breaks more spread out. This way, you will encounter fewer fellow students at the entrance, in the corridors and canteen, and you can keep one and a half meters apart.

One-way traffic

When you enter your campus, you will immediately see which walking route you can follow. The stickers on the floor clearly indicate in which direction you can walk; introducing one-way traffic on the campuses.

Taped classrooms

The lecturer will wait for you at your classroom and point out where you can sit. To keep the distance of one and a half meters, some chairs are covered with tape and should not be used.

Fewer students per classroom & extra classrooms

Tio is already small-scale, but it can be even smaller! From now on, a maximum number of students will be scheduled per classroom, depending on the size of that classroom. No worries about not being allowed to join: Tio will provide extra classrooms if necessary, so that all students can attend classes.

Contactless payment

You are probably used to it in shops, and you can now also pay contactless at Tio.

An eye for hygiene

On each floor of the campuses you will find a hygiene service desk with sufficient hand gel, wipes and paper. This way you can also clean your hands in the meantime.

Tio is looking forward to seeing you all again in September!