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First online Education Committee

"It is the first time in 30 years that I have experienced the Education Committee online," Mark Duthler opens this special Education Committee. More than 45 students are sitting behind their laptop ready to give their unvarnished opinion on various Tio topics. Unfortunately without the traditional pizza break this time, but therefore a lot more efficient!

Advising Tio

During the various sessions of the Marketing, Education & Quality and ICT department, students contribute ideas about the online recruitment and mailings, the MyTio App and Office365 and the corona measures with regard to education. Through surveys, Kahoots, discussions, polls and more digital tools, they advise Tio's headquarters on various topics.

For example, it appears that a third of the students are still using the old Tio app, but that they would switch to the new app if the old app is disabled, that the student mailings are nice but should contain more information about the corona measures and that a Blackboard tile on the self-service portal would be useful.

Thanks to all participants!