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10 reasons to study in Amsterdam

Waking up to the sound of trams driving by, chilling in the Vondelpark or going for a boat ride with all your friends. Amsterdam is a fantastic place to spend your student years. In the last academic year alone, Amsterdam was home to 100,000 students. Will Amsterdam earn a place in your heart? Here are ten reasons why you should want to study there!

  1. Excellent study opportunities
    Amsterdam is an excellent place to study. With eight universities and 23 universities of applied sciences, you can choose almost any study programme imaginable. Tio University of Applied Sciences has its own location in Amsterdam. It offers top study programmes in the fields of hotel management, event management, tourism, business and law. All of Tio's higher-education programmes were selected as the best in their field by the Higher Education Guide.
  2. Awesome festivals
    Do you like to party? Get ready: with more than 300 festivals per year, Amsterdam is the #1 festival city in the Netherlands. There is something for everyone: dance festivals (Dance Valley, Mysteryland), international festivals (Amsterdam Pride, IDFA), culinary festivals (Rollende Keukens, TREK) and much, much more. There is no way you'll ever be bored in Amsterdam!
  3. City for students
    Since Amsterdam is a true student city, there are excellent facilities available for students. In addition to a wide range of study programmes to choose from, there are myriad places to relax (and enjoy some good coffee), fun student (sports) associations, a vibrant night life, excellent public transport, fantastic parties (King's Day, need we say more?), parks, recreational areas and more.
  4. City of bikes
    Amsterdam is a true city of bikes. Circa forty percent of all movements in the city happen by bike and the city is home to more than 800,000 bikes! That is not surprising: the historical inner city's narrow streets are not built for (many) cars. There is no better way to get around than by bike. On top of that, it is both free and healthy! What’s not to love
  5. Excellent public transport facilities
    Not a fan of cycling? Luckily, Amsterdam offers excellent public transport facilities as well. You can easily get where you want to go by bus, train, tram, metro or ferry. Furthermore, Amsterdam is centrally located in Europe. Amsterdam has its own airport and you can easily travel to other major cities - e.g. London, Paris and Barcelona - by plane, train or bus.
  6. Employment and internship opportunities
    Amsterdam's thriving economy results in myriad employment opportunities. The city is home to countless (international) businesses, which offers students a wealth of perspectives. For students of business, for example, the Zuidas - the business heart of the Netherlands - is a true paradise. With millions of tourists visiting the city every year, hotel, event and tourism students will have little trouble finding a job either.
  7. Lots of international students
    Amsterdam is a popular destination among international students as well. The number of foreign students who come to Amsterdam to study at one of its universities or universities of applied sciences has been increasing for years. In 2018-2019, there were more than 12,000 international students. All those different nationalities - of students and non-students - make Amsterdam a lively, dynamic and colourful city.
  8. Rich history
    Amsterdam breathes its history. During the Golden Age, the city developed into a vibrant metropolis where global trade, unprecedented wealth and fine art came together. The evidence is still there for all to see: the world-famous canals, the countless monumental buildings and the museums full of the works of Dutch master painters. How great would it be to study in a place where so much history was written?
  9. Markets
    Did you know that Amsterdam is home to many, many markets? They are ideal for students on a tight budget. Stroll among the native citizens of Amsterdam across one of the many authentic markets, from the famous Albert Cuyp market to the many flower, fish and book markets found throughout the city. Enjoy the scents and colours of the countless wares on offer and get your groceries for a low price.
  10. Best city
    We already knew that Amsterdam is an awesome place to live, but now there is actual evidence. In a study of the quality of the living conditions in more than 450 cities all over the world, Amsterdam earned an impressive eleventh place. That makes it one of the best cities in the world to live in!
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