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The specific content of the study programme can be found on the website. Should you require more information, please have a look at study choice page.

Personal data

Since you are a minor, your parents have to give their permission

Upload your (passport) photo, so that you are guaranteed a student card at the start of the academic year. This can also be done later via the student web.

Address details

Details parent/guardian

Secondary education

Please use abbreviations such as: C&M, Eco, Geo

Optional subjects and languages

Fill out below which optional course(s) and language(s) you would like to attend during your Tio programme. (You can still change your choice before the start of the programme - until 1 July for the September enrolment and 1 December for the January enrolment.)

There are no optional courses and languages for the chosen study programme.

There are no optional languages for this programme.

There are no optional subjects for this programme.

There are no other courses for this programme.


After your registration, we will contact you to plan an interview.

Tuition fees

Important conditions

The NTRO terms and, in addition, the Tio terms apply to this Study agreement. These can be found by clicking on this link and will also be added to the confirmation of this registration.

It may occur that you have to decide not to start with the study programme after your registration. In this case, it is possible to cancel the Study agreement, without stating the reasons, within 14 days after your registration. After doing so, you will no longer owe Tio any tuition fees.

It may also occur that you are compelled to choose to stop with your study programme after this period of 14 days or during the academic year. In this case, you can cancel the study agreement (tio.nl/en/cancellation). Should you cancel your study programme, you will in most cases not owe the full tuition fee, but you will owe a part of these costs (Article 8 of the General Terms and Conditions of Tio).

Below you can find a summary of your registration. Please read it carefully. Should something be incorrect, please adapt it by skipping back in the form.

Agree and send

Thank you for filling out the registration form

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