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Introduction days

Meet your new fellow students before the actual start of the academic year by coming to the introduction camp: three days of survival in the Belgian Ardennes, filled with sports activities during the day and parties at night. Every year, the introduction camp is a fantastic and unique way to kick off the academic year.

During the press conference of 6 August it was reported that introductory activities should only take place physically when it comes to meetings that are "informative in nature", for example, about the structure of the academic year. This means that the introduction days in the Ardennes, unfortunately, cannot take place due to the rise of the corona virus. The introduction at the campuses in the week of 24 August will proceed completely corona-proof! You will be kept informed of the activities by the (assistant) campus manager.

Tio hosts the introduction days in cooperation with the student society Cognatio. The three-day introduction will take place from 16-22 August 2020. You can sign up for the Introduction days under “Optional courses” during the digital registration for your Tio bachelor programme.

Departure and arrival times

The touring cars will leave from the city of your Tio location and will drop you off at that same location when you return. In the schedule below you will see where and what time we are expecting you. Please report to your campus manager at the departure location.


Departue and arrival location

Date en time of departure and arrival

Tio Amsterdam

Tempelhofstraat 5, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 475 10 57

Report: Sunday 16 August from 08:45 am
Departure: Sunday 16 August at 09:15 am
Arrival: Tuesday 18 August around 19:45 pm

Tio Eindhoven

Begijnenhof 8-12, Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 296 28 28

Report: Thursday 20 August from 11:00 am
Departure: Thursday 20 August at 11:30 am
Arrival: Saturday 22 August around 17:00 pm

Tio Hengelo

Julianalaan 9, Hengelo
+31 (0)74 255 06 10

Report: Tuesday 18 August from 08:15 am
Departure: Tuesday 18 August at 08:45 am
Arrival: Thursday 20 August around 21:00 pm

Tio Rotterdam

Bus stop for touring cars at Rotterdam Central Station
+31 (0)10 798 09 50

Report: Thursday 20 August from 08:45 am
Departure: Thursday 20 August at 09:15 am
 Arrival: Saturday 22 August around 18:00 pm

Tio Utrecht

Oudenoord 2, Utrecht
+31 (0)30 666 88 36

Report: Tuesday 18 August from 08:45 am
Departure: Tuesday 18 August at 09:15 am
Arrival: Thursday 20 August around 20:00 pm 

Please be present at least 30 minutes before departure. Coffee and tea will be ready for you. Of course your parents and girl/boyfriend are welcome to come and wave goodbye. Should you be delayed for any reason, please contact your Tio-location. Please note: the bus has to leave on time.

The time of arrival as set forth in the schedule are estimated times; the actual arrival time may vary. The expected time of arrival in the Ardennes is 13h00. At 14h00 a lunch will be prepared for you, but don’t forget to take a snack for on the bus.

What should I have bring along?

Packing tips:

  • Please note! It can be very cold at night. We advise you to take a good, warm sleeping bag with you!
  • Take strong clothing with you which may get dirty and wet.
  • Put everything in one overnight bag which is easy to carry.
  • By putting everything in a garbage bag before putting it in your regular bag, you can protect your belongings against moisture.
  • Don’t take too much, but take enough.
  • Do not bring valuable items.

Clothing suggestions:

  • Make sure to take enough warm clothing (it can get pretty cold at night). Layers of clothing work better than one thick layer.
  • Take both long and short trousers.
  • Minimum of two pair of shoes. A sturdy pair (preferably hiking shoes) and a pair which are allowed to get wet and dirty (for canoeing among other things).
  • Enough socks and underwear.
  • Sports cloths
  • Pyjama’s.
  • A rain suit/jacket.

Suggestion sleep gear:

  • Good sleeping bag and mat (camp bed is provided).
  • Pillow cover (not a pillow since this will absorb moisture and takes lots of room in your luggage. Filling your pillow cover with clothing works fine).
  • Flashlight.


  • Cash money (to pay for drinks).
  • A valid passport or ID card (must be valid for at least 6 months before the start of the introduction).
  • A medical insurance card (even though Tio provides you with travel insurance, in the event of an emergency care is often provided faster by show of a medical insurance card).
  • Toiletries
  • Towels (better to take 2 small ones than 1 big one).
  • Garbage bag for wet clothes and shoes.
  • Small backpack.
  • Mobile charger.

All this and anything else you want to take should fit in one overnight bag or suitcase. Hand luggage can be taken on the bus.

Group assignment

The timetables for September have not been announced yet. During the introduction days you will be assigned to groups with fellow students from the same study course and location as much as possible, but these will not necessarily be your future classmates. You will reunite with your fellow students at school and during lectures.

Declaration of health and condition

For safety reasons it is important to report any relevant health issues, medical conditions or other relevant information to Tio before departure. By not presenting such report, the student declares that he or she is healthy and in good physical condition and can take part in all activities without harming him/herself or fellow students. If you have any allergies, health issues/impairments or injuries or if you are a vegetarian, please report this before the 1st of August 2019 by sending an email to ardennen@tio.nl. Please state your name, study course and Tio location. If you have doubts, please consult your doctor or specialist whether participation is possible.

Additional information

  • Travel Insurance (including coverage for outside sports) is provided for everyone. Cash money is not included in this coverage. A cancellation insurance is not part of the travel insurance. You can make your own arrangement in regard to cancellation insurance if you want. We also assume that you have third party insurance.
  • The telephone number of the support team on site is +31 (0)6-23083053 (in case of an emergency only).
  • There is no ATM in the vicinity of the camping, so make sure you take enough money for the purchase of drinks during the parties.
  • The introduction days will take place at campsite Rocher de la Vierge (Rue de Fairon 14 in Hamoir (Comblain de la Tour). However, please don’t go there on your own occasion, as the introduction starts on the bus!

Introduction days in the Belgian Ardennes

Justin Nep | Tio student
“I had a great time during the introduction camp. You quickly get to know your fellow students and the activities bring everyone closer together. The atmosphere is relaxed,
partly because of the efforts of the fun and active student society. ”
Justin Nep | Tio student