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Service and meetings at ABN AMRO

Esther Robakiewicz, student International Business Management, is currently doing an internship at ABN AMRO. She was asked to map out the complaints received by the company over the past year and she takes part in various meetings and improvement sessions. Esther: “I am proud to be able to add ABN AMRO to my CV at age seventeen.”

Esther: “I have always been interested in the financial sector. People constantly use their debit card without really considering the processes required to make that possible. On top of that, I have always had lofty ambitions. If you truly want to realise those, working for a major organisation is your best chance of success. Out of all major financial service providers, I personally preferred ABN AMRO.”

Working on efficiency

ABN AMRO has given Esther a great task. She was asked to map out complaints received over the past year for the service desk of the Cash & Cards department. Esther: “I examine all registered complaints and have developed a system to make this job easier in the future. In a way, I am working on improving the department’s efficiency. Although that is definitely fun, it can also be intimidating at times, because I am working with confidential information. It is great that ABN AMRO has enough faith in me to give me this responsibility.”

Thinking along about solving problems

In addition to her research, Esther is regularly asked to attend meetings and improvement sessions. “Every day, the people in the department meet to discuss what happened during the previous day, what we will be working on today and what our plans are for tomorrow. I also take part in improvement sessions, where I think along about solutions to problems. I am capable of asking critical questions and my input is valued. That is one of the main things I have learned so far: to not be afraid of voicing my opinion. I was more modest when I first came here. After all, I am just 17 – what do I know? However, the people here always let me speak my mind and often ask me what I think of a certain issue.”

Communication and networking

Esther feels right at home at ABN AMRO. “I find that there is a genuine willingness to help each other out. The excellent communication within the organisation also stands out. Everyone knows what their colleagues are working on. That is truly amazing! I did not expect communication to be this good in an organisation of this scale. I also got a chance to work in several other departments, such as the Payment Card Fraud and the Online Banking Fraud departments. This has given me a better impression of the organisation as a whole and it is a great way to meet a lot of people.”

“Proud of my internship”

The question remains whether Esther’s future lies in the financial sector. “The financial industry is a great place for me to learn and gain experience – not just in terms of knowledge, but also in helping me find out what I want to do with the rest of my career. This internship is a step in the right direction, in any case. I am proud to be able to add ABN AMRO to my CV at age seventeen.’

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