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Every opportunity at Tio

Former Tio student Rodney van Rijen consciously chose Tio’s International Business Management bachelor programme after finishing his pre-university education. “I am happy with the knowledge of the international world of business that I acquired at Tio. I now know what my qualities are and where I want to take my career.”

Tutoring in economics

Rodney graduated his pre-university education without economics. “I did not take any economics, but I quickly discovered that I wanted to enter the world of international business. That requires knowledge of economics, of course. Fortunately, I was able to get tutoring in the subject during the first year of the bachelor programme. The programme itself and the opportunities it gives me were my main reasons for choosing Tio.”

Deliberate choice for a bachelor course

Although Rodney successfully completed his pre-university education, he deliberately chose a bachelor programme next. “I did not want to go to university. Admission would have been difficult as well, because my prior education did not include any economics. I am extremely pleased with my choice of this bachelor programme. International Business Management is an extensive programme that will ultimately give me many opportunities. The choice for the fast-track programme was also a good one. Because I will graduate sooner, I will be able to start working a year earlier.”

Big data

For his final thesis project, Rodney researched big data in SME organisations. “I researched the possibilities of big data for BDO, a company based in Utrecht, particularly in terms of relationship management. Because of this project, I have discovered that the IT industry interests me greatly.” Now that he has successfully completed his bachelor programme, Rodney is weighing his options. “I can take a master course in the field of big data, because there is lot of demand from the labour market for big data specialists. On the other hand, I could also work fulltime for an international organisation.”

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