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Winners of the business management game

I want to ride my bicycle

Last semester, the second year students of the bachelor course International Business Management, participated in the project: Management game. As part of a team, you are responsible for running the entire business. As you may have gathered from the title above, the theme was bike sales. The management team of a company needs to find the right strategy and make the correct decisions, to be able to achieve the best results.

One semester and nine logbooks later, the final takes place at FixieBrothers in Amersfoort. The FixieBrothers produce bicycles in all shapes and sizes. The bicycles are made to order to the clients wishes. After a tour led by Yannick van Liefland, founder of the Fixiebrothers, the finalists get to give their presentation.

ZSB kicks off the event, followed by Bicycles International and ZaBaCo (Zagelle Batavus Combination). During their presentation the management team explains their company strategy, the profit margin and how they perceive the future of the company and the reason why investors should invest in their business. After a short consultation between the lecturers and Yannick van Liefland, the following prices were awarded:

1st place: Maarten Bosch and Joery van Rooij; company name: ZaBaCo. Congratulations on first place!

2nd place: Beaudine Zonjee & Ryan Berveling, company name: ZSB.

3rd place: Bicycles International, run by Tim van Rootselaar, Eise Verouden, Robin Provoost & Iskander Broere.

Congratulations on this achievement!