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Business student Dennis has his own company

Studying and running your own successful business; Dennis van Putten did it! He got his bachelor degree International Business Management and founded his own company while he was still enrolled at Tio. His company is called Maatstudent, it is a company that supplies student drivers to businesses and private persons.

Company with 35 drivers

“It happened very gradually,” says entrepreneur Dennis. “People I knew often asked me to take them to Schiphol in their car. Because I was not always available, I used a small group of drivers instead. Our clients spoke highly of our services in their networks, which meant we could soon expand to our current scale. We now have thirty-five drivers on call.” These days, Maatstudent provides chauffeur services between Utrecht, Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

Private chauffeurs for CEOs and families

The company provides student drivers to businesses and private persons. They carry CEOs and staff of insurance companies, law firms and SMEs, as well as families leaving on holiday from the airport. “Because of our services, our clients can use their travel time to work,” Dennis explains. “That makes it much easier to recoup the costs of a driver.”

Creative and entrepreneurial

Dennis: “I was entrepreneurial from an early age. I wanted to do something that was closely related to my study. The great thing about having your own business is that you can use your creativity. Whenever I come up with something new, I can put it into practice right away. If you work for a boss, you have to ask permission first. On the other hand, it is hard work to run your own company!”

Rapid growth

As the owner of Maatstudent, Dennis carries a lot of responsibility: “I did everything myself at first. After the company started growing so rapidly, that was no longer possible. I hired a business developer who helps me stay in touch with the drivers. I focus mainly on customer contact, invoicing and the further expansion and professionalisation of the company.”

The business continues to grow: “In the near future, I want to create more part-time positions for students. We will have vacancies for an HR/trainer, an operations manager and a programmer for our website and systems. My goal is to offer students an educational job on the side, which allows them to gain valuable practical experience in a leadership position.”

Dreams for the future

Maatstudent is only the beginning for Dennis, because he wants to keep developing: “I am now doing the Financial Management master’s programme at the Nyenrode Business University to learn more about the financial aspects. After that, I want to get a job for a few years to acquire knowledge and capital, before starting another business around the time I turn thirty-five.”

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