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Johnny de Mol with Tio students in Prague

Johnny de Mol was a guest on Tio’s College Tour in Prague. He answered the questions of around 250 third-year Hotel and Business students who experienced a fun and enlightening study trip.

College Tour

Gaining international experience is a relevant part of Tio’s study programme. Students have the option of taking an internship abroad or going on an international exchange and study at one of Tio’s partner universities. International study trips are a fixed part of Tio’s curriculum. The third-year students from Hotel and Event Management and International Business Management went to the beautiful and exciting city of Prague where they visited the Hybernia Theatre to attend Tio’s College Tour hosted by Twan Huys and his guest Johnny de Mol. Johnny spoke about his life and career until the interview took an unexpected turn.

Students wanted

Johnny tells us: “I initially wanted to go to Ibiza with a group of friends but instead we went to lesbos to help with the first asylum of refugees. It was an incredibly moving experience.” Priority right now is to expand the help offered and that is why the team is looking for young people willing to organise these relief efforts, perhaps even in the form of an internship. Johnny believes that this would be “an interesting internship for aspiring event managers since coordinating relief efforts is very similar to organising an event.”

Talking to Johnny

The initiative really spoke to the students and after the interview several students climbed on stage to ask Johnny some additional questions. Mijsje van Wieringen, HEM-student in Utrecht, spoke to Johnny after the interview: “I would like to help and I will definitely get in touch with the organisation.” Sigrid Hoogendoorn spoke to Johnny personally: “I am always interested in charities and would like to lend a helping hand in Lesbos.”

Educational programme

The students’ programme in Prague was tailor fitted to the curriculum of HEM and IBM. Besides their visit to the College Tour, the HEM students visited several interesting hotels, event locations and the Sparta Stadium. The IBM students visited, among other things, Skoda and the embassy. On the journey back, one of the students mentioned that “this was the best trip that we have been on. I got to know my friends so much better.”