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Tips and critical questions during the Entrepreneurship final

Mini wine tastings, affordable fair trade coffee beans, home drink packages… Tio students will not turn their hand for the assignment of the Minor Entrepreneurship and Student Company projects! During these projects they set to work on their own company, and in the final they present their ideas and results to the critical jury.

Entrepreneurial types

It has been known for some time that Tio students are enterprising types, and that entrepreneurial character became very clear in this final. In recent weeks, the students have started their own company in teams and have worked out everything to perfection. The companies that made it to the final:

Critical questions and tips from the jury

During the final, the students were critically questioned by the expert jury, with Marianne Nelisse and Emile Langerak from the Entrepreneurship Academy. "Who is the main target group?", "Is there a need for that?", "Who manages the stock?" and many more questions are asked that inspire the students to think even further than they had already done. Very educational, because some of the students also want to continue the company and can further shape and improve the company with these questions.

Who will win the final?

Which company has the best chances to succeed? “This company is the most scalable, there are many sales channels, and we really believe in the team and in their network”: the guys from Safebox take the first prize! Because they have a lot of experience and connections in the car industry (fun fact: one of the guys is a Formula 4 racing driver) they have already sold 150 boxes, and they plan to sell many more. And to make a keychain variant, for on the go. So if you have a car with keyless entry, keep an eye on Glenn van Berlo, Sven van den Nieuwenhuijzen and Thomas Jurgens from Safebox!

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