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International event manager for business events

Maxime Willemse works as an International Event Manager at Gimago. “As an event manager, you are responsible for making sure the event goes well. During my work, I get to meet a lot of interesting people and discover tons of great locations in the Netherlands.”

Together with her colleagues, Maxime is responsible for the organisation and execution of business events. Maxime: “These range from staff events to incentive trips abroad. The Gimago team consists of four event managers. Together, we come up with a unique concept for each event. Out of the box, extraordinary, passionate and creativity are the perfect keywords to describe Gimago.”

Event manager because of Tio

Maxime: “An event requires at least four to six months of preparation. For each event, we develop a concept that is tailored to the client’s exact wishes. It is important to make sure everything is clear, so we can schedule location visits, select catering options and book artists. On the day of the event, we are always on site to make sure the event goes well. That is the crowning achievement of my work. I was hired at Gimago because I acquired a ton of professional experience during my internships while I studied at Tio University of Applied Sciences. This also taught me the value of hard and independent work.”

Loving what you do

The professional event sector has both a peak and an off-peak season. Maxime: “During the summer, things are quieter. Most companies do not host any events during the holiday period. In September, the number of staff events will start growing again and around December, our schedules are filled with Christmas parties and other themed events. On an average day, I will develop concepts, compare various locations and catering options and maintain our social media feeds and the website. Deadlines are a major challenge in this line of work. Sometimes, we have to give it our all to make a deadline – all while making sure the concept stays on budget. It can get quite hairy, but that only makes the job more interesting.”

Future independent entrepreneur

The courses Maxime took during her International Tourism Management bachelor programme come in handy in her job. Maxime: “My communication skills have always been quite good, but the Communication courses improved them even more. I hope to get the chance to organise an incentive trip to Spain soon, so I can put the Spanish I learned during my bachelor programme to good use.” Maxime also knows what she wants for her future. “I think the event sector is very dynamic and interesting and it still has a lot to offer me. Perhaps I will someday be co-owner of Gimago and we will have three locations, one of which is in a different country. You never know...”

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