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Excellent grades for Tio's e-commerce programme

Tio University of Applied Sciences’ E-commerce Marketing Sales programme was the only one to receive excellent grades in terms of the e-commerce attainment targets. The programme was recently awarded the Thuiswinkel e-Academy certificate during the Shopping Today e-commerce event at De Fabrique in Utrecht. Tio teacher Machiel de Rooij was there to except the certificate on the university’s behalf. ‘I’m so proud! This is a real sign of recognition for the quality of the programme.’

Tio’s E-commerce Marketing Sales programme at the higher professional education level was awarded this certificate in part due to the quality of the lessons, its alignment with the labour market, and the flexible curriculum that is constantly being updated.

Paul Nijhof, chairman of Thuiswinkel.org – the leading representative organisation for Dutch online shops – took a moment to shine a light on the practical content of Tio's E-commerce programme during the awards ceremony: ‘A very special element is the Digital Student Company, which has students set up their own enterprise.’

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