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I would definitely recommend Tio!

Shanon Pottinger is an exchange student at Tio University of Applied Sciences. Back home in England she studies International Festival and Event Management at Edinburgh Napier University. Last year she decided to study abroad and now she lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

Adventure abroad

When Shanon first started looking at all the different universities abroad, she focused on Greece, Spain and the Netherlands. Those were the most interesting options in her opinion. When her study coach mentioned Tio, Shanon’s interest was piqued. The university of applied sciences has been renowned for the quality of its education and Tio’s courses go well together with Shanon’s curriculum in England. For Shanon that was the deciding factor to choose Tio. 

Small-scale and personal education

Tio’s small-scale education is a big plus for Shanon, she says. “My smallest class consist of just five people and it is really personal. Everyone gets to discuss and everyone gets to deliver input. At home we have tutorials like that, but it is not as personal.” Shanon loves the cosiness of the small classes and the possibility to connect with lecturers and fellow students. According to Shanon the personal education leads to a better learning environment. “I am becoming more organised and more productive”, she says. Besides, Shanon adds, at Tio it seems like all students motivate each other to take their studies seriously.

Pleased with Tio

Shanon would recommend Tio to other international students. The study counselling is great, she explains, and students are getting help with housing. Besides, there are several activities and events for the internationals to get to know the Dutch culture and to get to know each other. “I feel like I have mingled with a lot of Dutch people. At first I met a lot of international students and their buddies, until there was a party of Tio’s student society Cognatio, where I also got to know Dutch students. It’s nice to make friends like this.”

Experiencing new things

Finally, what are Shanon’s tips for other (future) exchange students? “Be prepared. The study is very full on. It is hard work, but it is where the productivity comes in, as well. I feel like I actually learn something. Also, do not be afraid or shy. Be open-minded and open to experiencing new things. Especially in Utrecht I feel that the people are really kind to each other and talk about everything. Not just with co-students but also with lecturers. I would definitely recommend Tio!”

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