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From flower dishes to dinners dates

Impressive concepts for new hospitality companies during the finals of Amazing Restaurant Concepts.

It’s 11:00 o’clock sharp and Tio lecturer Ron de Jong is about to kick off the online finals: “We are very proud of all the hospitality concepts we received and we have chosen five top players for the finals of the project Amazing Restaurant Concepts. It’s going to be a great final!”
Today, five students of the Hotel Management programme will present their business plans for a new hospitality company. This plan includes a marketing plan, a personnel plan, a financial plan, house rules and a menu and wine list.

Sun and flower

Tio student Britt Bleeker from Tio Amsterdam kicks off. She presents a sunny and colourful restaurant concept. Britt goes for a full evening program with a five-course dinner. A unique concept that revolves around the processing of flowers in the dishes and live music. The location of her restaurant is South-East Beemster. For the ingredients she seeks collaboration with regional farmers and companies. After her presentation the jury are able to ask some questions. How does Britt get flowers in the winter, for example? Britt explains: “Of course I have thought about the seasonal influences. In the winter I will use dried flowers in the dishes.”

Gastro bar Proef

Rutger de Weert (Tio Eindhoven), the hospitable owner of Gastrobar Proef, welcomes you to the heart of Venray. With his concept his goal is to let guests enjoy and share delicious dishes in an attractive ambiance. He offers the guests a look behind the scenes through an open kitchen. He, too, seeks cooperation with local companies and farmers. Rutger: “I strive for high customer satisfaction so that guests like to come back. I do this by investing in staff, with education and training, to ensure high quality.”

Italiano Ciao Tutti

Because of her love for Italian food, Hotel Management student Joyce Ruijgrok of Tio Hengelo launches an Italian concept. Her restaurant Italiano Ciao Tutti is located in Deventer. It is an Italian restaurant with a guest lounge and photo booth. It has a warm and modern look and in the kitchen fresh products are used. Joyce also thought about running a restaurant during corona time: "In corona time I would switch to delivering food, so that everyone can enjoy delicious authentic Italian food at home."

Le Noir

Restaurant Le Noir is an idea of Laura Jansen from Tio Rotterdam. Le Noir stands for pure craftsmanship, genuine hospitality and good service. The location is Rotterdam Park. Laura will open a high-end restaurant with a capacity of 180 seats and a spacious terrace. Le Noir is unique in its black ambiance where the dishes will be served on a black plate, but with a lot of colour in the food. As Laura says herself: “The dishes are like a painting on a black plate and therefore a feast for the eyes!”

Dating Stylz

Tio Utrecht student Tijn Calis appears neatly with a white blouse and bow tie: "This is what my staff will look like." Fancy! Tijn focuses on a niche: higher educated singles between 25 and 50 years old who are looking for a permanent relationship. In terms of interior there is a lot of red; the colour of love. The location is Utrecht, in the cellar of the Winkel van Sinkel, in order to guarantee the privacy of the dating guests. Tijn has thought carefully about targeting and chooses to work with Lexa, the number one dating brand in the Netherlands.

And the winner is…

Once all students have presented their concepts, the jury will deliberate. What do they pay attention to? First of all, the originality, creativity and feasibility of the concept. But also the presentation of the plan and the way the questions were answered. And finally the concepts as they were sent in.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer… the winner of Amazing Restaurant Concepts 2020 is… Britt Bleeker of Tio Amsterdam with her Sun and Flower concept! Britt: “I’m very happy! I have put a lot of time and effort into the concept and it’s nice to see the result. I really enjoyed thinking about the little details. What I am going to do with the prize money? I have no idea, I will be saving it.” Tijn Calis finishes second with his dating concept and Joyce Ruijgrok with her Italian concept finishes third.

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