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Hengelo was and still is a city of industry. In the past, the textile industry flourished here, as it did in the rest of the region of Twente. Tio Hengelo is located just ten minutes on foot away from the train station.
In Hengelo, you can attend a bachelor’s and/or associate degree in the fields of business, hotel management, event management, tourism and marketing.

  • Address & opening hours

    Julianalaan 9
    7553 AB Hengelo
    The Netherlands
    Opening hours: Mon / Fri 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
    Click here for the holiday openings hours.

  • Student society Cognatio

    The national student society Cognatio is the student society of Tio. CognatioWith more than 500 members across six Tio campuses, Cognatio is a great society that offers you the opportunity to make new friends for life and expand a good network. Together with Cognatio, you can make the most of your student days.

    Cognatio is a student society that does not believe in initiations. Its motto is therefore “No obligations, always a good time”. Throughout the year, Cognatio hosts a variety of activities, including drinks, parties and excursions. Cognatio’s Big Six consist of the introduction in the Ardennes, a beach party, the annual gala, the winter sports trip, the Destination Unknown pub crawl, and the end of the year party.

    You can find out more about Cognatio during one of Tio’s open days.

Study programmes at Tio Hengelo

Tio’s campus near the boarder of Germany is housed in an atmospheric monumental building that nevertheless offers all modern facilities. What makes this campus unique? That would be the enormous schoolyard with a basketball field and a table tennis table, where students love to hang out during their break.

The campus in Hengelo offers the bachelor programme International Business Management in English. The other bachelor programmes and vocational programmes are offered in Dutch.

International Business Management
Dutch programmes at Tio Hengelo
"Together with L.S.V. Cognatio you get even more out your study. This makes your time at Tio unforgettable."
Jessica Malinowski | Former Chairman Cognatio

Studying in Hengelo

Hengelo is a medium-sized city, which means all sports and recreational facilities are just a bike ride away. Student city Enschede, home to e.g. the University of Twente, is also easily accessible by bike. Of course, Hengelo itself offers plenty of places to go out and meet other students. There is no reason to ever feel bored.

Grand-café De Twee Wezen, for example, is a popular place to grab a drink and meet up with friends. At Het Pleintje, opposite city hall, you can enjoy a drink and dance until your feet hurt in Rootie Tootie. Student association Cognatio regularly hosts events in Danscafe Twins.

Hengelo is in tenth place on the list of Dutch cities with the best cultural and sports facilities. The adventurous and athletic are well catered for in this town. Studying in Hengelo is great – just ask one of the Tio students you can meet during one of the open days.

Meet the team of Tio Hengelo

"The combination of personal attention and a team of qualified lecturers guarantees that you will love your time studying at our university.”
Geert van der Meer | Campus Manager
“As the smallest campus, Tio Hengelo highly values quality.”
Anneke Eggink | Assistant Campus Manager
"Questions about study progress or internship, my door is always open. Feel free to come in!"
Milou Frenken | Study coach
"If you have any questions, feel free to stop by."
Monique Meulman | Receptionist/Concierge
"I make sure that the campus looks flawless, with great pleasure!"
Machiel van der Wijk | Concierge

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Hengelo back in the days

Hengelo was and still is a city of industry. In the past, the textile industry flourished here, as it did in the rest of the region of Twente. Later, Stork took the initiative of developing the metal sector. Stork’s buildings are found throughout Hengelo; even the atmospheric Tio building on the Julianalaan was originally constructed by Stork as a domestic science school.

Finding a room in Hengelo

If you want to find a room in Hengelo, take a look at the following tips.

Use your network

Make use of your networks on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to announce your search for a room. Talk to family, friends and acquaintances. Send all your WhatsApp and Snapchat contacts a message. You can also go the traditional route and place an ad in door-to-door publications or regional newspapers (although these options are not free). Lastly, you can visit your Tio campus, where you will find information about finding a room posted on the magnetic boards.

Checklist for students living on their own

Besides finding a room, there are some other important things to take care of when you want to live on your own. Think of, for example, taking out household insurance and arranging an internet connection. Prizewize has drawn up a checklist for students living on their own (Dutch students only). This can act as a guideline, so you do not overlook anything important. 

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Video Tio Hengelo

  • This is Tio Hengelo
    This is Tio Hengelo
  • Student society Cognatio at Tio University
    Student society Cognatio at Tio University
  • Campus tour Tio University Hengelo
    Campus tour Tio University Hengelo

Directions to Tio Hengelo

Tio Hengelo is easily accessible by car and by train. You can find directions below. 

To Tio Hengelo by car

From the direction of Apeldoorn/Deventer
You take the A 1 in the direction of Hengelo. At the exit Borne / Hengelo / Oldenzaal / Enschede you continue on the A 1, which at that point converges with the A 35. You then continue on the A 35 by taking the exit Delden / Hengelo-Zuid / Enschede / Mster. At exit 28 you follow the direction of Delden / Hengelo-West. At the end of this exit you turn left. When reaching the first traffic lights after entering the suburbs, you turn right (onto Geerdinksweg). At the traffic lights at the end of the road you turn left. You are now on the Oelerweg that will change into the Julianalaan. After app. 250 meters you will find Tio at the right hand side.

From the direction of Almelo
You travel on the A 35 in the direction of Enschede. At exit 28 you follow the direction of Delden / Hengelo-West. Continue as described above.

From the direction of Enschede city centre
You travel in the direction of Hengelo via the Hengelosestraat. After you have passed underneath a railwaytunnel you turn left at the next traffic lights. Follow this road, while it bends sharply to the right. Turn left at the third traffic lights (T-junction). After app. 50 meters take the right side of the road. At the traffic lights the road turns right. Follow this road, passing the fire station. The road has one more bend to the left and right afterwards a bend to the right. At this point the road has changed into Julianalaan. You will find Tio on the left.

From the direction of Enschede via the A35
On the A 35 in the direction of Hengelo you take exit 27 (in the direction of Hengelo - Industrieterrein - Twentekanaal). At the bottom of the exit you turn right onto the Haaksbergerstraat. Follow the signs 'Centrum. The Haaksbergerstraat will change into the Oelerweg that will change into the Julianalaan. After app. 250 meters you will find Tio at the right hand side.

Parking facilities
In the residential area directly behind Tio hengelo are more than enough parking places. Parking in the proximity of the campus is largely free of charge.

To Tio Hengelo by public transport

Take the train to Hengelo (Ov). Leave the train station via the back entrance (in the opposite direction of the city centre. Walk towards the roundabout and cross the street. Turn right towards the traffic lights. At the traffic lights cross the street (Industriestraat) and turn left after crossing the street. On the right hand side you will see a building called Lansinkveste. Follow the Industriestraat (it bends right). You will pass the fire station. The road bends sharply to the left and then to the right, changing into the Juliananlaan. Here you will find Tio on the left side. Parking facilities':In the housing area behind location Tio or at the tennis court opposite of Tio there is sufficient parking space. Most of the available parking places are free (not all). In the weekend parking is free of charge. Public transport information 0900-9292 and http://9292.nl/en.

Address Hengelo
Julianalaan 9
7553 AB Hengelo
The Netherlands

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