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Start-ups get help from Tio students in search for investors

If you are attracting financing as a starting company, you can grow three times as fast as your competitors, according to a recently published study by Dealroom.co, Techleap.NL and CBRE about start-ups. But how do you get this financing? Get the help of Tio students!

Investor pitch deck

This week, during the Finance Week, business students from Tio delve into the financing of various start-ups. They take a close look at the entire financial management of start-ups, take a look behind the scenes and follow inspiring workshops. In doing so, they collect relevant information, set to work with an investor pitch deck and ultimately present it to investors.

Strategic thinking

Students advise, among others, start-up 247streaming.network, a company that uses podcasts to develop new ways of getting information and knowledge to the intended target group.

The winner: MindMansion

The final of the Finance Week takes place in Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht, where students hold their pitches for real investors. The stakes are high, as the first prize is € 750 cash! The best pitch is from the MindMansion group: they use VR techniques to remedy anxiety disorders. The jury: “In the pitch deck it became very clear what the investments are needed for. In addition, the company is well scalable, has European ambitions and is clearly looking for smart money (read: not only money, but an investor who can also help them further in terms of knowledge).”
Brent Op het Veld of the winning team: “I think we won because we kept our pitch short and to the point, so that it was clear for the investors wat we needed. Great to win this prize!”

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