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Guest lecturers at Tio Career Event

Guest lectures by Floortje Dessing, Willem Reimers, and Bas Landorp (Mars One), among others. Speed dates with internship companies and former Tio students, a company fair featuring over 150 internship companies, and a fun lounge where you could get a professional headshot taken. The 2017 Career Event featured all this, and much more to boot!

Over 150 companies looking for interns and over 1500 students looking for an internship found one another at the 2017 Tio Career Event, the theme of which was ‘What’s your ambition?’.

Inspiring quotes from guest lecturers

‘It’s great to be ambitious, but you first need to discover what it is that you really love, and then focus on that with all your might.’ – Floortje Dessing

‘Nobody is going to come do it for you; you yourself have to be the one to do it. You have to prove your worth every single day. Companies are looking for entrepreneurs who are young, eighteen years old, but have twenty years of experience and will work for minimum wage.’ – Willem Reimers

‘Your generation balances the technical and the physical. You have both manual and digital skills. You are the generation that will no longer be focused on competition, but on ambition, the generation that works together.’ – Herman Konings

‘Everything is possible if you just do what you love and go after your dreams!’ – Bas Lansdorp

‘Learn from your mistakes and believe in yourself; if you do those two things, you will be unstoppable!’ – Alexander Wijninga