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Tio cheers Holland on to victory

The lions are loose! On Friday 16 November, the Dutch national team played a legendary match against the French world champions in De Kuip. Tio was there with (international) students, business relations, deans and staff members, and together we cheered the Dutch lions on to victory!

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Fries and a cap

The evening began with fries at McDonalds in Rotterdam, where all guests were welcomed with an orange Tio cap. We then walked to the stadium together, where we watched the exciting match from the second ring.


Did you also see the Tio banner? During the match, the Tio faction held up the huge ‘attention – de leeuw is los’ (Attention – the lion is on the loose) banner above our heads, which was even talked about by reporters from both NOS and RTL.

It was a fantastic night, with a resounding 2-0 victory over the world champions! One of the guests: “Tio had a great showing with their rousing support of the Dutch team, with a very enthusiastic group of 200 young supporters uniformly clad with orange Tio headgear. Fantastic!”

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