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From September classes on campus again at Tio

Would you like to enrol in September, but are you curious about the current COVID-19 situation? At Tio University you will receive as much classes as possible at the campus, in accordance with government guidelines. Tio also continues to offer classes online. Read more!

Quickly responding to changes

Due to Tio's personal and entrepreneurial character, we can quickly switch and respond to changing corona measures from the government. For example, Tio students have been following education online since day 1 when the campuses were closed, students have been given many different options for completing their studies without delay and internships (sometimes in other forms) can also take place.

Small-scale and personal education

Tio stands for small-scale and personal education. That is why Tio will offer the classes on the campuses again from September onwards, in accordance with all guidelines. This contributes to personal contact and study pleasure. Customization is provided per campus within the options presented by the government.

Classes on the campuses and more

In addition to the classes on the campuses, all classes can also be attended online so, if you have health problems, for example, you can attend the classes from home. This is how Tio sees the education as of September:

The student comes first

The Dutch national government has already announced that educational institutions and their students can expect restrictions and measures during the coming academic year as well. Tio always puts the interest and safety of the student first in the implementation of these measures. This means that:

More info?

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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